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How To - After Moving

First Things First! What to Do Right When You Move In

When You Move In

Moving into your new place can be a big job and you may not know where to start after your boxes are off of the truck. If you’re wondering where to begin when you move in, use the list below to help you decide which jobs to tackle first.

Find your personal items

When boxes are moving from room to room, things can get lost in the hustle and bustle. Before you begin checking tasks off of your list, make sure your clothes and toiletries are in a good spot for easy use when you’d like to relax later.


When you move into a new place, there are a few areas you’ll want to clean right away. Before you use them, make sure you sanitize the kitchen and bathroom in your new home. You’ll also want to preserve those new floors by tidying up high-traffic areas that movers may have gotten a bit messy.

Organize items by room

It will make unpacking easier if you first place boxes and furniture in their appropriate rooms for easy access – get all of the moving done in one shot. Moving companies will put your belongings in specific rooms for you if you direct them or if you clearly label the boxes.

Set up important furniture

Before you unwind, set up important furniture like your kitchen table and bed. After a long day of moving, you’ll probably want to satisfy your hunger and then get a good night’s sleep right away.

Whether for dinner or breakfast, you’ll want to have some dishes and glasses on hand. Unpack one kitchen box and enjoy this convenience. As a bonus, it will be one fewer box you’ll have to unpack the next day.

Hang a shower curtain

When your day is done, you’ll want to wash up. Hang up your shower curtain and take a nice refreshing shower, you deserve it!


Call up your local pizza place and order for delivery. After moving all day you’ll want an easy and delicious dinner.

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