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Tips to Find the Best Mover

Find the Best Mover

You know you need to hire a mover, but you are probably looking at all your options, and feeling a little overwhelmed. You already know that picking one simply because they have the lowest price is not the best idea. There could be hidden fees, or they could already have a horrible track record. You want to find the best mover that you can rely on, and feel good about hiring. However, you also want a good deal. You probably assume you can’t have both, right? Wrong! With a little effort and thoughtful planning, you can book a mover you will be comfortable with without putting a huge dent in your bank account.


Be Flexible with Your Deadline

Do you absolutely have to move in June, or can it wait until the end of September or October? Movers are overloaded in the summer because it is the most popular time to move. This also means that they can get away with charging top dollar because they know people will pay it.

Maybe your lease is done June 30, but would your landlord let you sign a three-month lease, or simply go month-to-month for a bit? The farther away your move date is from the prime season, the better rate you will likely get.


Compare Rates By the Day

If you call around to a few moving companies, you will likely have a lot of numbers tossed at you. One may sound like a better deal, but if the rate is on Wednesday and the last place gave you a rate for Saturday, then you aren’t really comparing similar quotes. Maybe the first company you talked to can give you a better rate on Wednesday too. Use Unpakt and our calendar, to get exact prices, day by day. This will ensure you are comparing apples to apples.


Avoid Popular Moving Days

Even if you avoid the popular moving season, you may be able to save even more money and find the best mover during the off-season by avoiding hot moving days. Regardless of the month, the 1st, 15th, 30th, and 31st of every month are the busiest, and therefore the most expensive. Not only are they paydays for many people, they are also common lease-end and start dates. Choose a less popular day, and there is a good chance the movers have an open schedule and will be more willing to work with you on a rate.



Getting rid of what you don’t need is a good idea for a few different reasons. First, if you take the time to donate, sell or trash stuff, you don’t need then you may get a lower quote from the start. If you decide to get rid of that old home gym or donate those 10 boxes of books in the basement, you will have less to include in your quote. If you are paying your movers by the hour, you should still declutter because fewer boxes equal fewer trips to and from the moving truck. Obviously, this dictates less time on the clock.


Measure Twice, Move Once

Before you base your decision on the quote they have you to move that pool table or California King size bed, you should double check to make sure it will fit in the new place first. How irritated will you be, if the item won’t fit? This happens more often than you think.

Some try to just eyeball it, which is definitely not a good idea. Then, there are folks who do measure the room but forget to measure the doorway, hallway, service elevator, stairway, etc. Make sure large items will be able to get into your new place, or you will be paying movers to take these items back until you figure out what to do with them.


Used vs. New Boxes

Do you need to buy new boxes? Many people simply assume that they do. If you are like most others, you are figuring moving supplies into your budget. So, if you didn’t have to pay for boxes then maybe you could afford the mover you really want, or schedule on a popular day because it works better for you. Of course, you could just save that extra money and buy yourself something new, right?
Well, you absolutely do not have to buy moving boxes. There is a multitude of places you can pick up heavy duty, barely used boxes for absolutely free. Office supply, book, grocery, and home improvement stores are great places to start; check out your local pharmacy, and that neighborhood pub around the corner too. Check our local moving page to find a mover near you.



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