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Cheap Eats in San Francisco

Eats in San Francisco

Like New York City, Los Angeles, and some of the other most coveted cities in America, San Francisco is a place where a number of people would love to live, but assume they could never afford it. Maybe you have already moved here and are quickly blowing through your nest egg. Well, if you are thinking about making the move, just do it already! You can find affordable housing, and there are always people looking for roommates around the city. Plus, the public transportation system is excellent, so you do not even need a car.
If you have already moved here but are running out of money, there is a good chance you are spending a large percentage of your income on food. There are some ridiculously overpriced restaurants here. However, there are also some affordable hotspots in all the popular neighborhoods. You just need to know where to look.


Flavorful, cheap Korean food is what you get here, and the portions are huge. This place is tiny; there are only 10 tables. So, at lunch and dinner time you are better to get takeout. Recommendations include the Spicy Rice Cakes, Short Ribs, Spicy Tofu Soup, and Bulgogi. Manna is in the Sunset District, an area famous for its haunting mystic fog, thanks to the cold Northern Californian Pacific Ocean coastline. Also, in this neighborhood are the San Francisco Zoo, Lake Merced, and Stern Grove.

Ananda Fuara

Who says you have to be rich to be a vegan or vegetarian in San Francisco? Ananda Fuara offers an exciting menu with Vegan Gingerbread Pancakes, Vegetable Ravioli and Garlic Bread, and even Vegan Chocolate Cake. This venue is in the Civic Center neighborhood. So, if you work at any of the cultural institutions or government buildings, this is the perfect lunch spot for you.

J&A Restaurant

When you are craving Chinese food this is where you go. This venue is laid-back, simple, and squeaky clean. It accepts cash only, so stop at the ATM on the way, and be sure to try the Mongolian Beef, J & A Special Chow Mein, and Kung Pao Chicken. You can even get chocolate fortune cookies! This venue is in Outer Mission, a small but charming neighborhood in southwest San Francisco. Most of the area is made up of single family residences with small backyards where neighborhood kids become friends for life. Everyone here rides a bicycle, and well-marked bike lines are on most streets.

U-Lee Restaurant

So, if you want Chinese and you are nowhere near Outer Mission, U-Lee Restaurant will also pleasure your taste buds. This small, hidden gem has the most amazing General Tso Chicken, Honey Walnut Prawns, and Potstickers you will ever taste, and everything is dirt cheap. What is most surprising is that the venue is in Nob Hill! This is where you expect to pay inflated prices! Nob Hill is one of the city’s signature neighborhoods and happens to offer the best views of the San Francisco Bay. Upper-class families and young urban professional inhabit the homes here.

Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine

Here you will enjoy a nice combination of Thai, vegetarian, and seafood dishes. The atmosphere is cozy, servers are delightful, and the food is bursting with flavor. The venue is noted for its Volcanic Veggie-Beef, Chicken Pad Thai Noodles, and Fried Bananas with Ice Cream. Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine is in Bernal Heights, a residential area with a commercial strip packed full of restaurants, bakeries, saloons, a butcher shop, bookstore, and even a natural food store called The Good Life. There are also a couple of parks and one of the oldest farmers markets in the country, which has been operating on Saturday afternoons since 1947.

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