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Top 10 Family Friendly Neighborhoods in San Francisco

San Francisco

So you’ve taken that great mental leap and started planning your family’s move to San Francisco. That’s hella awesome. San Francisco is a wonderfully diverse city, and each of its many neighborhoods has a particular flair that would appeal to different tastes and needs. If you’re looking for a home in the city, as opposed to the suburban communities around the Bay Area, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will look over 10 of the city’s most family-friendly neighborhoods, in no particular order, so you can find your way around the listings with more ease. Ready? Here we go with the top 10 family friendly neighborhoods in San Francisco:


  1. Bernal Heights

    A whole lot of sun, lively farmers’ markets, tree-lined streets and a bohemian country vibe are some of the great advantages Bernal Heights has to offer. This neighborhood is also known for being especially family-oriented, earning it the nickname “Maternal Heights”. Kid friendly restaurants, numerous parks and 3 major playgrounds make it a perfect choice for a family.


  1. Glen Park

    This mostly residential neighborhood is located west of Bernal Heights, on the south end of SF. It attracts many young families who appreciate its peace and quiet, as well as its proximity to safe and accessible transportation. Kids of all ages abound here, and Glen Canyon Park is a wonderful place for them to collect those special childhood memories.


  1. West Portal

    A sort of small town within a big city, West Portal offers everything a family needs and is more on the affordable side. It is easily accessible, close to everything, boasts great public and private schools and its homes are quite large and roomy, giving residents more space for their dollar.


  1. Central Richmond

    Located between Sea Cliff and Golden Gate Park (and Outer and Inner Richmond), Central Richmond is a colorful family friendly neighborhood. It is home to some prestigious schools like Presidio Middle School and George Washington High and is relatively safe. One more perk: free parking on the street.


  1. Noe Valley

    Sunny and central, Noe Valley is located just south of the Castro. Being somewhat of a Pleasantville it has many one family homes, not a common attribute of SF neighborhoods. Restaurants of great diversity line Noe Valley’s 24th street and the stroller brigade has taken complete command of its sidewalks. While some find it to be it too pricey, others maintain that it offers more than enough in return.


  1. Sunnyside

    Once a blue collar community, Sunnyside has been significantly gentrified in recent years and now attracts young families and professionals with its education system and raw potential. This peaceful neighborhood enjoys access to two BART stations and interstate 280, another advantage for the commuting house seeker. Ironically, it is not very sunny.


  1. Outer Sunset

    Let’s talk numbers. According to San Francisco’s leading magazine 7×7, 30% of Outer Sunset’s households have children, and half of the top 20 ranking schools in SF are located within its limits, plus 2 more or in neighboring Inner Sunset. Those are some cold, hard facts. Top that off with its beachside charm, artsy atmosphere, parks, zoos, and playgrounds and it looks like if this were a competition, we would have a winner.


  1. NoPa

    Originally known as Western Addition, this neighborhood’s current name refers to its location- North of the Panhandle. It is considered somewhat of a rising star in the San Francisco real estate market and has been receiving a lot of press in recent years. NoPa enjoys the greatest treasure any neighborhood could benefit from- dedicated and energetic people working ceaselessly to make it a community rather than just another district. Among many other ventures, the NoPa neighborhood association (NOPNA) also facilitates activities for parents and kids to help create community bonds while having lots of neighborly fun.


  1. Potrero Hill

    Located on the southeast of SF, Potrero Hill is, at least according to its residents, one of San Francisco’s best-kept secrets. Relatively safe and with a friendly vibe, its popularity is growing with young families who are looking to live a quiet family life but not too far from the action.


  1. Laurel Heights

    Charming, safe and relatively flat, Laurel Heights is a neighborhood highly desired by families. It is home to several fine education options including award-winning Roosevelt Middle School, and quite close to Golden Gate Park. Famed for its tranquility and orderliness, it might be perceived as quintessential suburbia engulfed by a city – who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

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