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For Moving Vendors: Moving Leads – What to Look for

Moving Leads

Any business that relies on repeatedly finding new customers knows the hassle that can bring. Moving companies specifically might spend up to 30% of their revenue just on cultivating leads alone — which means that money can’t be spent on equipment, labor, or other resources. Time and funds wasted on high-cost, low-quality leads with little return? That doesn’t sound very productive. So we will break down some of the problems with buying leads, and the solutions that exist to make your marketing cost- and time-effective.

What kinds of leads are there?

Organic vs. Purchased

Organic contacts are the best way to get leads for moving companies. That means a potential customer contacts you directly by, for instance, submitting their moving details to you via your website. In some cases, a business with an active mailing list may choose to purchase leads from a marketing firm. Procuring a good list gives you access to the inboxes or mailboxes of people in your service area, but they didn’t explicitly give you their permission and may ignore your communications. Purchasing leads from a lead generator website means those individuals are at least in the market for a moving company, but when it comes to quality moving leads, you are still behind the game because everyone wants high-quality, low-cost. Here is what it means when websites promise…

Free moving leads? Nothing is free

Sites that offer to list your business as a part of their moving leads provider system will require you to ‘bid’ on jobs, or actively follow up with potential customers yourself. There is no guarantee that customers will return your inquiry or even that they are real people, not spam. If you’re seeking exclusive moving leads that haven’t also been provided to numerous other local moving companies, you won’t find them on this kind of site. You may also learn that you only get a very limited profile unless you pay for a premium account, meaning local moving leads might not be able to see that they recognize your company already.

Cheap moving leads? You get what you pay for

If they’re cheap? They have probably been sold to someone else too, in order to maximize return. Through a website focused on providing cheap leads for movers, the information you buy may also be incomplete, outdated, or contain errors if it isn’t authenticated. Some of the information given may also be fake — spam entries on a lead generation site are not always filtered out.

High Quality? Maybe

What makes a lead high quality anyway? It has been authenticated before being sold:

  • It has been checked for duplication. If the customer submitted a form more than once, did they provide incorrect or different information? Quality leads to filter out inaccurate submissions.
  • Checked for accurate and complete customer information. Is the phone number complete? Is the email address realistic? Did the customer provide a real address?
  • Details about the move request are clear. Is it commercial or household goods? Are you seeking long-distance moving leads or local? Is all of the information present?
  • Did the lead provide a real moving date, and was that submission made within the last 24 hours? Statistics show that a lead is dead after 24 hours have passed, and will unlikely book.
  • Is there an accurate inventory list, or does it seem falsified or incomplete? Most lead generation sites don’t obtain a useful inventory, leaving you to do more work.

Don’t buy moving leads – book jobs

Unpakt lets you skip the middleman salesperson and connect directly to your potential customers. Your company’s profile and information are there for all to see, getting you out there via Google searches and Unpakt’s marketing efforts. As a qualified moving company, you sell your services directly to customers in the online marketplace. You control the pricing and availability, our platform offers your services to relevant customers 24/7 and eliminates the need to actively bid. You create a profile and then receive real customers’ requests in real-time with full location details, contact information, and inventory the minute the customer books.

Rather than stress about how to get moving leads every week, contact Unpakt today and get your profile started — then watch the verified, real-time leads start coming in.

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