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Best Beer Gardens in Tampa

Best Beer Gardens in Tampa

Considering many people associate Tampa with a party vibe, it should come as no surprise that there is a seemingly endless supply of bars and pubs. Whether you are just in the mood for a simple domestic bottle or if you are after a German import, you will find plenty of places to accommodate you. There are also several beer gardens in Tampa with such an extensive selection of draft beer that you can go every day and never get tired of the options. Plus, the great thing about Tampa is that there is such a laid back atmosphere that it doesn’t matter if you are coming off the water from being on the boat all day, or if you are in a suit from work, you will fit right in pretty much anywhere.

New World Brewery

Here you will find a funky indoor space, an enclosed outdoor beer garden, and one of the most diverse beer selections around. A few recommended picks include Purple Haze, Sir Perry Pear Cider, and Young’s Double Chocolate. As impressive as the beer selection is here, it is the pizza that really draws the crowd. You can’t come to New World Brewery without ordering one of their stone-seared pizzas. The Neptune is a local favorite, as it is loaded with fresh basil, tomato, and feta.

Mr. Dunderbak’s

What goes better with beer than homemade hot pretzels? If you love German food, this is the place for you. The schnitzel, potato salad, potato pancakes, and fried pickles are highly recommended. As for the beer selection, 400 bottles and 55 draft options should satisfy you. Plus, there are some drafts that constantly rotate for seasonal selections.

Cock & Bull

If you live near this venue, it will become your second home. It offers a rustic neighborhood bar feel with a friendly staff,  and even a fire pit out back. They are even open on Christmas Day. This is a place where you can just show up alone and you will run into all the locals who treat you like a friend. Outside there are picnic tables, and it just feels like you are in the backyard, having a barbecue with folks you have known your whole life.

Mermaid Tavern

There is room for about 75 people outside, and this place is open until 3 am. Most nights have a DJ, and the atmosphere is very chill and relaxed. There are plenty of board games too, so you can see how steady you are at Jenga once you down that Ballast Point Fathom IPA. Judging by the environment, you would expect this place to have a lot of 21-year-old obnoxious drinkers who can’t handle their beer, but what you find is a surprisingly mature, fun, and laid-back crowd. They typically have only two hardworking bartenders, so be patient.

Four Green Fields

Wonderful Irish hospitality is experienced the second you walk through the door. If you struggle to find Guinness at other bars in Tampa, they have a never-ending supply here. The beer selection is good; the food is even better. The Shepherd’s Pie and Broiled Salmon Melt are both flawless. On Friday, everyone eats Fish & Chips. This fish is lightly battered, so you won’t feel like you just gained 20 pounds in one meal.

The Independent

If you live in the Seminal Heights area, this will be your stop after work. It looks like a retro service station, and dogs are welcome on the outdoor patio, so you don’t have to feel guilty about leaving Fido home yet again. The beer selection is fabulous, and they feature a lot of local selections that people go nuts for. The food is really good too, especially the Caprese Panini and The Rob. They also make some great hummus, if you just need a snack.

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