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Tampa Movers Share 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tampa, FL


Nearly everyone knows that Tampa is Florida’s largest city and that it offers fantastic weather and beaches, but there is actually a lot more to this city than meets the eye. There is a nearly endless supply of things to do and see. Just ask your Tampa movers; they will tell you! Many people who move here know enough about the area to fall in love, but it is not until you dig a little deeper that you really grow a strong appreciation for the city on many different levels.

1. Leading Phosphate Exporter

Contrary to what most of the country believes, oranges are not Tampa’s number one export; phosphate is. In fact, this city is America’s leading exporter of it. Phosphate is a non-renewable resource. Approximately 90 percent of the product coming from Tampa is used for manufacturing fertilizer, and the remainder is used in a variety of things from toothpaste to animal feed supplements to light bulbs.

2. Historic Aviation History

Tampa contributed to a distinct point of growth in the history of aviation. A decade after the flight that the Wright Brothers took, Tony Janus became the first aviator of a commercial passenger airline. Scheduled flights were taken from St. Petersburg to just south of where the Tampa International Airport is today. This means that it was also the first city to have scheduled flights. Although these original trips only consisted of the pilot and one passenger, this was a turning event; one that is recognized by the well-respected Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

3. Huge Cultural Scene

Tampa is rich in culture. Sure, there is an abundance of museums, but the vast number of stages and performing arts venues will likely surprise you. A few of these include Gorilla Theater, The Stratz Theater, and The Tampa Theater. There are several arts companies here, such as The Florida Orchestra, Tampa Bay Symphony, and Opera Tampa, so anyone with a passion for performance to either watch or participate will love this city.

There are also a few nightclub districts where you can often catch fantastic live performances and some of the best DJs in the world, including SoHo, Channelside, Seminole Hard Rock and Ybor City.

4. Variety of Architecture

If you can pull your eyes away from looking at picturesque landscapes and beautiful gardens throughout the city, you may appreciate the diverse collection of architecture found here. The city is home to 69 high-rises; Miami is the only other city in Florida to exceed this number.

Post-modern architecture is evident throughout the high rises. This is one of the reasons the skyline of the city is such a magnificent sight.

5. Fantastic Employment Opportunities

Even your Tampa movers will tell you that this city has a reputation for appealing to retirees as well as college students, but believe it or not, it is one of the most desirable cities for career-minded individuals. There are several Fortune 1000 companies headquartered here. Then, when you factor in the Department of Defense, professional sports, tourism, retail, hospitality, and export businesses, you discover that there are some phenomenal opportunities. In fact, Hillsborough County alone has approximately 740,000 employees; a number that is expected to rise to 922,000 by 2015.

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