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8 Ways of Keeping in Touch after Moving Long Distance

Keeping in Touch after Moving

Getting ready for an interstate move or even an international move can be overwhelming on many levels, but what many actually fear the most isn’t the chaos and exertion of the move itself but the emotional aspects of life after moving day. Saying good-bye to old friends and venturing out to make new ones is one of the hardest challenges of moving long distance, and mastering the art of staying close while living far away is crucial to a successful move. Here are eight ways of keeping in touch after moving Long Distance:

1. Facebook and Beyond

Even when you lived in the same city as many of your friends, Facebook was probably part of your relationship. Now that you’re moving away, it will most likely play an even larger role in keeping up with each other’s antics. But Facebook isn’t the only social media platform where you can connect with far away friends and share your passions and experiences.
Pinterest is a great way to share interests and hobbies, and its super friendly interface makes it feel like you’re flipping through magazines together. Instagram is a perfect way to keeping in touch with friends who have a knack for snapping beautiful photos. Use Twitter to share short and clever updates and share videos of your new life on YouTube- when you visit your friends back home you won’t need to fill them in on much.

2. Video Calls

Regular phone calls are so 80’s. There are so many live communication apps offering video calls and video conference calls, group chats, games and more on your mobile, you need only take your pick. Check out FaceTime, Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts, and Rounds (to name but a few) and set regular dates to keep in touch with friends and family. Make it a habit to call specific friends at the specific times- once a week or once a month for example- it’s easier to keep in touch when you work it into your schedule.

3. Your Very Own Blog

If you don’t already have a blog or a personal website, moving long distance is a great opportunity to start one. Use this platform to share your experiences and keep your friends and family involved in your day to day life.

4. WhatsApp

The most globally popular instant messaging app is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family and share updates, photos, and videos. Not to mention emoticons! Create a group for your close friends or share with them individually- it is easier than apple pie.

5. Image Sharing

If your passion for photography goes beyond snapping photos of your paella, why not try an image sharing platform like Flickr? It’s known for hosting high-quality photos from both professional and amateur photographers and has been around much longer than Instagram, which might be an indicator of stability in the fickle trend based world of social media.

6. Email

Yup, email. The same sort of electronic correspondence you use for work and probably seems like the least personal medium of communication in existence is, in fact, one of the best ways to keep in touch with your friends. Here’s the trick: don’t just reply to your friends’ emails as you would to any other email. Copy and paste their message, then insert your comments within the text using a different color. It’s a sort of non-synchronic chat which can get pretty hilarious, intimate and fun. Emails are also great because they can be long and in-depth, and allow you to elaborate and share every detail of your experience as you would over the phone. If you’re moving abroad lengthy phone calls might not be feasible, depending on the time difference. With emails, time isn’t of the essence.

7. Snail Mail

If you’re the sentimental type, you know that there is no replacement for a hand written note. There’s something special about an actual letter waiting in your mailbox, carrying the scent of faraway places and the unique penmanship of its writer. In this day and age of instant messaging and video chats, snail mail isn’t the best choice to share breaking news and hot updates, but for romantic “pour your heart out” sort of musings, an old school letter could be the perfect choice. You can also use snail mail to send birthday gifts and holiday cards. And if you’re moving overseas, at least, send your friends a nice postcard! Just imagine their smile when they receive it.

8. Plan a Trip

Homesickness is a natural side-effect of a long distance move. It takes time to find your feet and make new friends, and you might find yourself feeling lonesome at times. Planning a trip back home can help alleviate homesickness even if the actual trip is in the not-so-near future. Booking tickets, letting friends know you’re coming and fantasizing about revisiting your favorite pizza place will give you something to focus on while you get settled in and adjust to your new life. For more ideas on blowing off relocation blues, check out this blog post.

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