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8 Things You Must Know About Manchester, NH Before You Move There

Things You Must Know About Manchester

Manchester, New Hampshire is not only the city that bequeathed the comic genius of Adam Sandler to the world. It’s not the glitziest place on the map, and you probably won’t find any of the homes from your favorite TV shows there but it’s a very livable, affordable and enjoyable town with great arts, sports and entertainment options. Here are eight essential things you need to know about Manchester before you move:

  1. Location

    Manchester’s location in the heart of New England offers easy access to New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Canada and the West Coast, as well as puts it within easy driving distance of Vermont and Maine. New Hampshire’s biggest town is perfectly located for year round fun- from sporty winter adventures to summer activities such as hiking, tubing, swimming, boogie-boarding and whale watching.

  1. Affordability

    In 2009, the Manchester-Nashua metro area ranked 1st on the Forbes List of America’s 100 Cheapest Places To Live, thanks in part to the fact that New Hampshire has no personal income tax and no sales tax. Dividends and interest are taxed at only 5%, making New Hampshire one of the lowest-tax states; Manchester, in particular, ranked second on Kiplinger’s list of Tax-Friendly Cities.

  1. Weather

    Paraphrasing the state’s motto of “Live Free or Die”, residents of Manchester came up with their own little motto, and you’ll be hearing it quite frequently when you move to Manchester. It goes “Live, Freeze and Die” and it elegantly, if somewhat morbidly, sums up the experience of living in New Hampshire. With as much as 60 inches of snowfall during winter, you’ll be needing some top-quality snow boots.

  1. Quality of life

    Manchester offers residents the pillars of quality living, with safe streets, low poverty, excellent healthcare and a variety of education choices. New Hampshire consistently ranks as the safest state, with the lowest homicide rate in the country. It is considered the 5th healthiest state in the nation and its health system ranks 2nd overall. With a poverty rate of 8.2%, New Hampshire has the lowest percentage of people living in poverty in the country.

  1. Education

    Manchester is home to 10 higher education institutes, including Southern New Hampshire University, Granite State College, New Hampshire Institute of Art and St. Anselm College. Over 8000 students enroll annually to these schools. Higher education institutions are not only big employers, they also provide the local workforce with skilled and educated young people. These people also tend to be top consumers, boosting the local economy.

  1. Employment

    New Hampshire has a low unemployment rate (4.4% compared to the US average of 5.9%) and some great job opportunities in a variety of fields and industries. In particular, Manchester has a diversified employment roster which includes high-tech, communications, healthcare and financial services companies, in addition to manufacturing firms.

  1. Sports

    Manchester is the only city in New Hampshire with a professional sports team. If you’re a sports fan, catch a Fisher Cats baseball game at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium or see the Manchester Monarch ice-hockey team play the Verizon Wireless Arena. Manchester also has a strong rugby, roller derby and women’s tackle football scene.

  1. Arts and Entertainment

    There are so many answers to the question what to do in Manchester, especially if you like music and the arts. From the Currier Museum of Art’s timeless masterpieces to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Zimmerman House, Manchester does not disappoint fans of art, architecture, and design. The historic Palace Theatre is a perfect venue to enjoy Broadway hits as well as top notch jazz and blues performances. It’s also located about 100 miles south of Storyland, one of the best underrated theme parks in the USA.

And we haven’t even mentioned the natural beauty of the area surrounding the city where Manchester residents can spend the day skiing, fishing, tubing or just relaxing. Now you have all the info you need to start calling some long distance movers and planning your move.

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