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7 Reasons Why You Should Move to Oklahoma City

Move to Oklahoma City

When you know it’s time to move on, find a new city and get a fresh start. Opening a map of the U.S. can make your head spin. East coast? West coast? Southern climates? So much to consider. How about… considering a move to Oklahoma City? This midwestern metropolis might not jump out immediately but we suggest you give it a second chance. Here’s why you might just be singing its praises in no time.

  1. Clean air

    Love the big city culture, but hate the smog? Oklahoma City culture has so much to offer, from sports to art to nightlife, but in a city of about 650,000 people that gets regularly swept clean by midwestern storms… you won’t have to worry about air quality.

  1. Easy Commute

    Most OKC residents commute an average of 22 minutes – not bad, not bad at all. This is important since there is limited public transit available. Although the city has plenty of sidewalks it is fairly spread out, which makes it difficult for all but the most ambitious pedestrian or those who live in the center of the city. Fortunately, after venturing out for some nightlife in Oklahoma City, you won’t also have to battle Los Angeles-style traffic on the way home. Unless it’s game night at the stadium. In that case, steer clear.

  1. Friendliest Folks Ever

    Everyone in OKC knows that the city is really a small town at heart. You’ll still see legit cowboy hats and big belt buckles, so you’ll certainly still benefit from the down-home kindness and warm-hearted hellos around every corner. The recent influx of younger families has also created a more vibrant social scene for the new generations, so everyone will make new friends when you move to Oklahoma City.

  1. New, Renovated Schools

    Since 2001, a new funding program called MAPS has allowed the building of seven new schools and renovations in 65 schools in and around Oklahoma City. In addition to having modernized the buildings themselves, the schools receive extremely high ratings for performance, teacher-student ratio, and student advancement. Oklahoma City schools have seen some of the biggest leaps in ACT performances in recent years, so all that work is having positive results!

  1. Fresh Farmers’ Markets

    This isn’t your average place to buy fresh carrots. In operation since 1928, the Historic Farmers Public Market has become one of the premier event centers of the city. During the week it is home to antique shops, weddings and receptions, and many other events. You can find locally produced food every Saturday, all year long, on the first floor of the historic building. Across town, the Oklahoma State University- OKC Farmers Market offers food produced by students at the university as well as local farmers and craftsmen. Farming in Oklahoma City is a long-standing tradition that keeps the locals well fed, year-round!

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  1. The Oklahoma Cradle of Entrepreneurship

    With the influx of young, ambitious workers moving to Oklahoma City has come to a boom in entrepreneurial activity in a city that was already rated “Recession-Proof” by Forbes magazine. With such affordable rent (an average of $800 per month) and average pay on the rise, OKC is a great place to turn if you’re hoping to start your own business. There are plenty of entrepreneur MeetUps, lots of support for small businesses, and enough enthusiasm to keep you motivated when you want to quit.

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  1. The Paseo Arts District

    Over 60 artists and 17 galleries make this historic district an amazing First Friday destination. Enjoy dinner out the vibrant Bricktown and peruse the wide-ranging styles and artistic mediums that keep OKC’s artistic scene so very alive. You might just find yourself wandering from place to place — the nightlife and culture will keep you interested and entertained for a long time to come. There are certainly plenty of fun activities to do in Oklahoma City for any age bracket.

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