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7 Reasons Why People are Moving to Charlotte

Moving to Charlotte

The population in Charlotte, North Carolina, is booming. As bigger cities become saturated and expensive, those in the know are looking towards slightly smaller metropolitan areas that still boast all of the desirable aspects of city life, without the hefty price tag. Charlotte has a lot going for it, from the economy to the weather — so here are our top six reasons you should consider moving to Charlotte.

  1. The economy is booming

    This is the not-so-little city that could. In 2014-2015, Charlotte was ranked ninth among the nation’s metropolitan areas for predicted growth. From 2010-2013, it was the second-fastest growing large US city, with over 150,000 people moving in to join the cool folks who call Charlotte home. That’s saying something. And along with all those people, the city has seen an influx of new businesses — so you can be assured that the momentum will only increase.

  1. Exciting job market

    Home to some exciting and quickly growing startups like Cloud Castle Group and Boxman Studios (designing and building repurposed shipping container structures), Charlotte is becoming a young and enterprising city. Wells Fargo and Bank of America also have strongholds in the economy, employing a significant percentage of the city as Charlotte becomes the second largest banking hub in the nation. Forbes rated the Queen City as #14 on their list of best places for business and careers, so if you’re looking to find a job in Charlotte, you have a pretty good market at your fingertips. And if you’re relocating for a job? Don’t forget to ask these questions.

  1. Fantastic schools from elementary through university

    With a wide range of primary education schools to choose from, Charlotte has you covered whether your family opts for public education, charter school, or private schools like Waldorf or Montessori. Your family can get a great education the entire way through university, too — schools in Charlotte like University of North Carolina (UNC), Art Institute of Charlotte, or the Charlotte School of Law provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate work alike. Charlotte also has an 85 percent high school graduation rate, which is four percent higher than the national average. So your family will do well in Charlotte’s schools.

  1. Great quality of life

    The cost of living in Charlotte is just below national average, and the cost of housing is a nice four percent below — meaning you’ll be able to live comfortably and have all of the amenities of the city right at your fingertips, maybe even with a backyard to boot. Many say that it’s the small town charm that keeps Charlotte so appealing, with plenty of smaller neighborhoods boasting mom ‘n’ pop sandwich shops (mac and chicken!) and an abundance of family-friendly events year-round keeping things lively. Transportation-wise? The expanding LYNX light rail system is making local travel easier and the development of B-Cycle, a bike sharing program with locations around the city, has made Charlotte even more accessible by human power. Of course, there’s always walking…

  1. Never a dull moment

    Charlotteans love their sports. Really, really love their sports. Be careful which shade of blue you choose to sport on game weekends, and you should probably familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of NASCAR as well. Check out the SouthEnd Gallery Crawl on the first Friday of the month to discover some emerging and established local artists (and sample some of the best food truck cuisines in town), and keep an eye on Romare Bearden Park for top-notch entertainment in Charlotte. Skyline views paired with free concerts and events make this a hotspot for the community.

  1. Head to the outdoors

    The access to the outdoors from Charlotte is pretty spectacular. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a mere 2 hours from the city, with plenty of access to rivers and trails even closer by. Reedy Creek Nature Preserve has ten miles of hiking trails and a nature center, and the U.S. National Whitewater Center reportedly has the best singletrack mountain biking in the region. Multiple greenway biking paths have something for every level of cyclist (including the “Booty Loop”), so there is never a shortage of ways to enjoy the outdoors in Charlotte.

  1. The weather is refreshingly mild

    Everyone should move to a new city once in their life — and if you’ve been living somewhere cold, perhaps it’s time to try the milder climate in Charlotte. Even though the city technically has all four seasons, the winters don’t generally get very far below freezing. The summers can be quite warm, but with access to both the mountains as well as the beach, you can easily find a temperature range that suits your preferences.

If you’re considering relocating to Charlotte, we suggest you get moving, starting here. This popular city is on the rise!


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