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The Best Employers to Work for in Charlotte

Best Employers in Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a hidden gem among cities in the U.S. It’s a little bit artsy, has definitely got some history, and is chock full of foodies who’ve opened (or re-opened) visionary restaurants to keep this growing city well-fed with creative cuisine. So if you’re moving to town and looking to break into the job market, there are a lot of amazing employers to consider. Here’s our list of the six best employers in Charlotte.

Red Ventures

Every year, Quantum Workplace conducts a survey of Charlotte’s best places to work. Red Ventures has consistently ranked in the top ten, and with just over 2,500 employees and a comprehensive suite of benefits, this large marketing and sales company likely has an option for just about everyone from creatives to tech and salesforce. What makes Red Ventures the home of some of the best jobs in Charlotte? Based on anonymous employee feedback from the survey, the company tops the list for having a supportive and enjoyable work environment for staff across the board. Did we mention the yearly staff trips to faraway warm places?

Hire Dynamics

Hire Dynamics was this past year’s small company winner of Charlotte’s best places to work. With only 14 local employees, this staffing agency might not help you find your new job in Charlotte, they might be your new job. HD offers paid community service time, tuition reimbursements, flex time, and team retreats among other benefits and the small staff in Charlotte sure seem to have a good time at work. They attribute their success to the commitment from senior management to creating a healthy company culture, as well as an atmosphere of positivity and consistency that simplifies the work day and makes doing your job well more enjoyable.

Corporate Armor

Corporate Armor is another small staff in Charlotte, specializing in data security and data storage. With only twelve employees local to Charlotte, the staff is close-knit and reaps the benefits of a home-like office. Staff can go take a timeout in the Quiet Room to regroup, everyone gets takeout lunch paid for by the company, and the dress code is casual. There’s a big priority on keeping staff healthy and happy — so unlike many tech workplaces, at Corporate Armor the expectation isn’t that you’ll >be a robot, just that you’ll protect them.


This small IT-focused staffing and recruiting agency has a staff of twelve locally in Charlotte. They call themselves “Brooksourcians” — and they pride themselves on a company culture that is creative, supportive, fast-paced and innovative. They also know how to keep the staff relaxed, providing happy hours, flex time, and staff retreats as well as comprehensive health care and paid time off. And the company values a commitment to service in the local community, too — providing paid time for staff to volunteer, and participating in the Super Service Challenge. So if you’re moving to Charlotte and looking for a high-energy job, have a look at Brooksource.

Ernst & Young LLP

E&Y is a large, high-profile accounting firm with worldwide reach. If you’re relocating to Charlotte and want to jump right into the competitive workforce, this company could be a great place to set your sights. They are committed to building a better working world — both through providing top-notch accounting services, but also through creating a workplace culture that supports a highly- performing staff. That means staff development and coaching, education benefits, a variable pay program that recognizes top performers, and family-focused benefits. And with E&Y’s global reach, there will never be a shortage of opportunities to work in a multicultural environment and, maybe, travel.

Skookum, Inc.

Also a regular on Charlotte’s Top Employers list, Skookum is a full-service software development firm with offices in Charlotte and Denver. This company believes fully in work-life balance and asserts that from the office all the way to the client base by establishing a “no weekends” approach, flexible hours, free lunch every Friday and even a professional massage therapist in office from time to time. On the front end of Charlotte’s booming job market, Skookum is an attractive spot for a young IT professional.

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