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13 Tips for Planning a Crosstown Move

Crosstown Move

Many people make a crosstown move a lot more difficult than it needs to be. Sure, there are a ton of details to iron out, but when it comes to the actual moving day, it should be smooth sailing, if you have done everything right. Below are 13 tips that should help you get from A to B without having an anxiety attack.


  1. Hire Movers

    You may think that just making a lot of trips back and forth is smarter, since you are staying in town, but it’s not. On top of the expense of gas, you have to consider the risk of injury and how much longer it will take. Call around to a few long distance moving companies and compare their rates. You can always take care of the little stuff yourself and have the movers handle everything big or heavy in one trip.


  1. Clean First

    In most cases, you will probably get the keys to your new place at least one day in advance. Take some cleaning supplies over there and do a little scrubbing. There is no point trying to clean around boxes if you can avoid it. Even if it looks clean, you should still go over everything.


  1. Get a Babysitter

    The last thing you need to deal with while moving is changing diapers, making snacks and attempting to enforce naptime. Chances are pretty good that you have a long list of people always begging to babysit; now is a good time to let them.


  1. Introduce Pets First

    If you are going over to the new place to clean before the move, you might as well take your pets over there to get acquainted with it. Take one of their toys and leave it there, so when they officially come back, they will feel right at home. Similar to children, you are better off if you can avoid them being there to watch the movers going in and out. Pets can be very upset by change, especially if they have to watch someone carrying out their stuff.


  1. Pack a Carry-on Bag

    Have an extra change of clothes, toiletries, a towel and maybe a shower curtain in a carry-on bag, so you don’t have to search for these things when you really want them.


  1. Get Rid of Stuff

    There is no point moving things that you don’t use. Sell, donate or trash everything you don’t need, or it will just cause clutter in your new place.


  1. Move Valuables Yourself

    While you may not be able to move all of your valuables, you certainly can take jewelry, small heirlooms, family photos, etc., in your car. Just pack these items in small boxes that will fit in your trunk or backseat.


  1. Hook Up Cable Early

    Rather than deal with the cable and /or internet person trying to work around boxes, see if you can arrange for them to be hooked up a day or two prior. Even if you are not getting your keys right away, your landlord may let you in for a few hours to meet with the installation person and do a little cleaning.


  1. Recruit Friends

    Beer and pizza are usually about all it takes to get a few friends to come help pack, unpack, move or all three. Why do it alone, if you don’t have to?


  1. Leave Clothes on Hangers

    Anyone who has ever moved crosstown will tell you that one of the easiest things you can do is lay a blanket on your backseat and then lie all of your hung garments flat, left on the hangers. When you get to the new place, they simply get hung in the closet.


  1. Move Food in Fridge

    Even on a hot summer day, food in the fridge and freezer should be able to be moved fine with a cooler. There is no reason to throw all this stuff away if you are only traveling a few miles.


  1. Make Use of What You Have

    Laundry baskets, garbage pails, crates, backpacks, gym bags, etc., are all great moving supplies. The fewer boxes you have to break down and walk around the easier it will be to unpack.


  1. Clean Your Old Place

    A surprising number of people simply forfeit part of their deposit at their old place because they don’t feel like going back and cleaning. If you are staying in town, there really is no excuse for this. Even if you saved money hiring one of the cheap moving companies, you can probably use the extra cash to buy something for your new place!



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