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5 Ways to Hide Your WiFi Router in Plain Sight

Wifi Router

Now that you’ve found the perfect spot for the couch, made your bed, and neatly placed all of your glassware into the cabinets, it’s time to hook up the technology. How else are you going to sink into that couch and cozy up with a movie? But when you’re decorating your new home, you don’t want to stick that wireless router just anywhere. Wires, blinking lights, and everything else that comes with it just isn’t that attractive. Here are six ways you can hide your wireless router in plain sight without interfering with your Netflix download speed.

1. Hide it in the Entertainment Center

You’ve already got lots of flashing lights and cables neatly tucked away in there, so why not hide your wifi router with them? Consider keeping the antenna exposed, and be sure to check that you haven’t placed it on any equipment that is likely to overheat. All of those electronics need to be well ventilated, so if the cabinets are largely kept closed consider cutting ventilation holes in the back. And avoid putting your router too close to anything else that produces a wireless signal, like baby monitors or Bluetooth devices. They’ll interfere with your wifi.

2. Hide it behind other things

Tall leafy plants, decorative photos or clocks, these are the things that neatly disguise your router. Most wifi boxes can be placed on their side, and the antenna reoriented to point upwards, and then easily tucked behind whatever you have decorating your shelves. Higher shelves will put your router in a prime place to broadcast signal and hide the blinking lights even better.

3. Make a decorative box

There are so many lovely boxes out there in craft stores and maybe even in your attic — find one that isn’t metal and is large enough for your router. Ideally, cut out the back of the box to provide adequate ventilation for your device, and cut a little hole so the antenna can stick out. You can put your boxes on a shelf or a side table where it is in a good range for your wireless use — just don’t forget that this particular box is plugged in!

4. Get crafty and put it in a picture frame

Rather than just tuck it behind the photo frame, you can find a deeper frame or shadowbox and create a chic little hiding spot. Many routers have attachment points that you can use to affix it to the back of the frame — again, be sure to choose a frame that isn’t metal, and check that your router has plenty of room to breathe. Drill holes in the sides of the frame if need be, and if you’re going to put it on the wall, you’ll need spots for the cables to run through.

5. The Ultimate DIY Book Cover

This blogger laid out a step-by-step tutorial for creating your own classy book cover hiding spot. If you’ve got an eye for interior design, this solution might be the most up your alley — it lets you really choose the aesthetic for a creative hideaway. (And if you aren’t blessed with a decorative eye, check out our crash course on the blog.) Choose an antique-looking book, or perhaps something with a more intellectual title — whatever you choose, you can use spacers to make a little breathing room and to cover up the antenna, too.

Best of luck with your moving adventures — and if you need a little guidance on how to make your new apartment feel like home, check out our 5 tips here.

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