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Real Estate Income Series: Aligning Key Partners

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Your role as a real estate agent puts you in a unique position of trusted advisor to the newest arrival to a neighborhood. From finding the best new restaurant in the neighborhood to understanding how to find the quickest route to work, your clients have a long list of needs that need to be filled. Now, you may say this isn’t part of your job—but if you’re looking to compete on retained clients and increasing referrals, this is exactly the area where you can truly outshine. You have the opportunity presented every day and now is the time to seize it by maximizing opportunities and aligning key partners.


How Do You Find and Align Key Partners?

Here is a short list of partners you will want to have in your contacts:

  • Moving resources (ahem, that’s us!)
  • Interior designers
  • Landscapers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • General Contractors
  • Home building suppliers
  • Car mechanics
  • Doctors – internists and pediatricians
  • Real estate attorneys

In addition, you should have on hand contact information for a shortlist of top local restaurants and activities, local schools and government offices and the location of nearby pharmacies and dry cleaners.


How Do You Compile These Contacts?

Shortlist of partners? Sure, sounds great—but how? If you don’t already have key contacts you like, a great way to gather a trusted list in a short period is to ask your previous clients. Sending an email for recommendations for all of the above (include a list) to people you know live in the neighborhood and have firsthand experiences is a great way to find viable options quickly. This is also a great opportunity to naturally open a dialogue with clients you haven’t contacted recently.

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