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How to Create a Low Stress Moving Day

low stress moving day

Coordinating a successful move can be a challenge but with a little planning and some helpful tips, creating a low stress moving day is easier than you think. Here are some expert strategies we’ve learned from customers and movers with the first-hand experience that you can use to help make your moving experience a breeze.

Moving Out

The most important thing to remember is that any moving day is a demanding experience. Your moving service will, of course, be doing the heavy lifting but you will likely be performing physical tasks that you do not do on a daily basis. Be ready! Try to be well rested and ready to give your full attention to the movers. Make sure all of your belongings are packed and organized before the movers arrive. Stress and tension are always diminished when you have a clear head on your shoulders and have gotten a full night’s rest.

For a successful move, it is essential that you are present when the movers arrive. If you cannot be there, be sure to have a trusted person there in your place who knows what to do and how you want it done.

If you are not doing a formal inventory, be sure to take note in writing of important or expensive items and their condition, so there are no disputes in the end about missing or damaged goods.

Once the packing and loading are done, do a final walk through in your home. Making sure the essential items that couldn’t be packed the night before like your toothbrush, coffee maker, and cell phone charger have been packed. Double check closets and cabinets one last time before you hand over the keys to relieve any anxiety that you left anything behind in your old place.

Make sure to have good communication with the moving company you select. Make sure you know where the truck is and when it will arrive at your new home. Double check with the movers that they have the correct address you are moving to as well as the correct cell phone number to contact you just in case any issues arise.

Moving In

When the furniture arrives at your new home, it is important that you, or someone you trust, is there to meet the movers. If a formal inventory was not taken, be sure to do a visual check for important or expensive items to make sure they are not lost or damaged.

You should already have an idea of where your items will go in the new house and you should be able to easily tell your moving company where large pieces of furniture will go. Boxes should be labeled so movers can quickly unload into the proper rooms.

To minimize stress on others it’s best if small children are cared for by a babysitter or friends and family until the move is complete in order to stress low and everyone happy. Similarly, pets should be secured during a move so they are not too stressed and to keep them from harm. If you can’t house them in another location during the move, be sure to keep them in a secluded room until the move is over.

Start Early

Always plan ahead. If you have decided you want to move there’s no such thing as starting too early especially when you are using a professional mover. Using Unpakt allows you to get guaranteed price quotes from verified movers in your area. Eliminating any unnecessary financial stress on your move day because there won’t be any surprises when the bill arrives. Leaving you to take a deep breath and move with less stress and more excitement about your new place!

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