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“Carry On” Bag for Moving Day

Moving day

If you have done everything right, then you are going into your moving day with more feelings of excitement than stress. You made your list, you have remained organized and you have even hired one of the best moving companies around, but that doesn’t mean you are finished. Don’t take for granted that everything else will just fall into place, because then Murphy’s Law will rear its ugly head, and all of your careful planning will go down the drain. One of the final things that you need to take care of is packing your “carry on” bag, and if you have children, this is a bigger project than you might expect.


Make a List

Right about now, you are probably getting a little tired of making lists, but this is the only way you can be sure you pack everything that you need. There is a very slim chance that you won’t forget at least a few things, if you wait until the last minute. Even if you recite the list over and over in your head, when the minute comes that you are packing, it won’t take much to distract you so you forget a few things.

Keep in mind that your carry-on bag will include the items you need to get you through a full day at the new place, such as extra clothes and toiletries. Also, if you are flying to your destination, your list will be a little different as well, because you may need your passport, boarding pass, etc.

Think your cross town move doesn’t require a bag? You’re wrong! What if your movers were in an accident? You would probably want at least a few essentials with you, right? Plus, your insurance papers and other important documents should be on you. Create your list early, because you will likely find that you need to add a few things to it as you think of them.

A few ideas to get you started include clothes, toiletries, towel, personal documents, snacks, laptop, iPod, book, etc.


Carry-on Bag for Children

Although older children will likely be able to take care of these bags alone, you should still double check it because your view of essentials may be very different. Homework will rarely make the list for them, but it will for you. They probably won’t need to pack toiletries since you already are.

When packing a bag for babies and young children, expect the unexpected. You will pretty much want to double up on diapers, bibs, formula and food you need. You may want to have a new toy for your child to play with. If you already asked them to pick out toys a few days ago, double check that they haven’t changed their mind about their selection, which happens pretty often.


Don’t Forget the Pets

Animals can be very stressed by a move. To ensure that they go through the transition well, you will need a bag to keep them comfortable. It should include bowls, treats, food and toys. You should also have vet records and microchip information handy. Pets in new surroundings are prone to taking off, even if they have never had a history of running in the past. If you are moving cross country and making stops at rest areas, have poop bags packed too.

When you deal with the best moving companies, things typically go a little smoother, but that does not mean you don’t need to take proper measures to be prepared for things to go wrong.



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