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Saying Goodbye to Friends Before a Cross-Country Move

Saying Goodbye to Friends

Even if you are excited to start your next chapter at a new location across the country it is never easy to say goodbye to friends. Of course, it is even harder if your spouse got offered a better position, and now you have to go, even though you don’t want to. Just the thought of booking cross country movers can make you shed some tears, and you may find yourself moping around and depressed at the new place for a while.

Make Plans

It can be a lot easier to get through those long lonely days if you have something to look forward to. Before you leave, you and your friends can plan to meet somewhere or take a vacation together. You should also plan to go back and visit, and make sure your friends commit to coming to see you, too.

Create a Schedule

Decide on the best time you can both be available for a phone call. This way you will not be playing phone tag all the time, which can be even more depressing.

Keep a Journal

It helps to write down your feelings, but this is not the only reason for keeping a journal. When you do finally have a conversation you will likely forget half the stuff you wanted to talk about. Either keep a separate journal of only notes that you want to talk about, or highlight key points in your regular journal, so you can spot them at a glance while you are on the phone.

Snail Mail

Staying connected via email, text, and social media is convenient, but do not underestimate how warm and fuzzy it will make you feel when the mailman delivers you a card, handwritten letter, or small gift. Technology cannot compete with the personal touch of a physical item delivered via snail mail.

Get Active

The more active you are the less time you have to think about how sad or lonely you are. No, you do not have to go spend all your free time in the gym either. However, physical activity does release endorphins, which are hormones that make you feel happy. So, the more active you are the more your body will be filled with these feel good hormones. Go for a walk, start running, or finally take that yoga class you have been wanting to try that your friends never wanted to go to.


Volunteering is incredibly rewarding. You can’t understand how amazing it makes you feel when you are doing something good and expecting nothing in return. Plus, you will meet new people while you are volunteering, too.

Take a Class

No, you do not have to go back to college, unless you absolutely want to. There is a good chance that your city or one nearby has countless classes available, such as cooking, pottery, dancing, knitting, etc. While you are at it, you may also find groups of people in your new area that meet up at a new restaurant weekly or at a park to enjoy a weekend morning hike. You won’t forget your old friends, but as you start to make new ones, the void you are feeling from missing them will slowly start to disappear.


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