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Why Companies Are Choosing Unpakt for Employee Relocation

How Unpakt Corporate Services support employee relocation

Unpakt launched as a direct to moving customer service in 2012. Four years later, Unpakt has launched additional platforms to service everyone from real estate agents to small, mid and large-sized company relocation needs. From offering exclusive employee benefits to providing a comprehensive employee relocation management dashboard, HR departments are signing up for this free corporate benefit with Unpakt Corporate Services.

Some of the immediate benefits your company and employees will experience include:

  • Easy inventory creation
  • “Apples-to-Apples” mover comparisons
  • Real reviews from verified moving customers
  • A real, live person who serves as a moving advocate to help in case of questions or if anything goes wrong
  • A choice of payment options (when managed / paid for by the company)

Why use Unpakt for Employee Relocation? Because no matter how you use it – whether you manage your employee relocation or they do it, or even if you just extend it as a general employee benefit for personal moving needs, everyone benefits! And, of course, it is free to you!

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