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How Much Are Employee Moves Costing Companies?

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Did you know the busiest day and time for the sales department of any moving company is on a Monday from 10am to 4pm? Phones ring off the hook all day and guess where the callers are located when they’re calling in? You guessed it–at work. With an average call time of 20 to 30 minutes and an average number of contacted moving companies around 3 per moving customer, that is a minimum of 60 to 90 minutes of your employee’s work day spent on coordinating initial move details.

What Goes Into Managing a Move is More Than You Think

The ongoing process of managing a planned move takes focus and time to monitor and execute the details. From discussing inventory with moving companies to coordinating building requirements or moving insurance, your employees could be distracted from their work responsibilities throughout the month before their move.

Finally, the actual stress of moving can take its toll well before moving day and continue well after, especially if anything goes wrong. Moving companies are notoriously difficult to work with when things go awry–making having an understanding of the moving world even more important.

How Can Employers Reduce the Effect Moving Has on Employees?

Wondering how you can reduce the effect that your employee moves have on their work? Consider partnering with Unpakt to provide a comprehensive moving marketplace to help find a mover, compare prices and manage details–without all of the stress and time spent managing it on their own.
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