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Do You Know If Your Employee Relocation Costs Are Too High?

How Unpakt Corporate Benefits support employee relocation needs

Most corporate HR departments we work with have reporting and analysis requirements that must be adhered to. From budget constraints to requiring a minimum number of competitive quotes, HR departments are tasked with managing employee relocations through a myriad of lenses and are answerable to a number of different oversights. While these requirements may never go away, there are options for how to streamline efficiencies and improve relocation methods.


Reduce the Burden of Employee Relocation

The simplest way to reduce the burden of employee relocation is to push the majority of the responsibility to the new employee. You can create maximum budgets they need to stay within or have them source various moving quotes themselves and submit for review. But this isn’t always feasible. Perhaps you simply don’t want to start off on the wrong foot with a new hire by tasking them with such a stressful experience. Or perhaps you have C-levels that would not accept the burden of managing this themselves. Either way, there are other options available.

Unpakt has a platform that will allow your HR team or your employees to stay within budget and get comparative quotes all in a single process. This saves time and energy while reducing stress and workload for everyone. By using Unpakt as a portal to manage moves, your HR department can manage many moves from a single dashboard. Or your HR department can allow employees to coordinate directly through Unpakt and then connect with HR for payment via a number of methods.


How Does Unpakt Help HR Manage Employee Relocation?

In either scenario, Unpakt enables HR to adhere to even the strictest of requirements without adding anything to current workflows and processes. In fact, in most situations where there are already employee relocation processes in place, Unpakt alleviates the vast majority of the reporting and regulatory burden.
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