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Does Moving Negatively Impact Employee Performance and Productivity?

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We previously discussed the hidden costs of moving from the employer perspective. But there is more to the effects of moving on an employer than the working hours spent planning a move (rather than working). From the stress of choosing a mover to the distractions over details, the performance and productivity of an employee during their move can be substantially worse than most other life events.

Balancing major life changes with regular work days often results in an imbalance–with work often losing the battle for attention. Instead of criticizing or micromanaging employees, employers can support the acute personal challenges their employees are experiencing by providing access to resources, discounts and even flexible time to manage their work / life balance.

Moving Resources

Unpakt is a moving company marketplace that does all the “heavy lifting” required in planning and booking a move. From the robust features in the inventory creation program to the ability to compare multiple moving companies side-by-side, Unpakt puts the entire moving company review and selection process at employees’ fingertips. With the lowest moving company rates available, companies enrolled in the Unpakt Corporate Benefits program can rest assured their employees have access to competitive moving prices and benefit from ample cost savings. Recent studies have suggested that booking a move online can decrease costs up to 45%!

Don’t forget additional resources such as USPS Change of Address that can help your employees update information quickly and seamlessly. The faster they get life on track, the faster they can get back to the business of your business.

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