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6 Reasons Why Not to Move

Why Not to Move

To move or not to move? With ever-increasing options and mobility across the country and the world, it seems like you’re the odd one out if you haven’t moved to a new city at least once (as mentioned in this blog post!). But really, it’s not for everyone — so here are six reasons relocating to a new city might just not be your thing.

  1. You like life on auto-pilot

    If routine and comfort is the name of your game, you might think about staying put. In your current city you can do the same things, in the same places, every day, forever and always — and for some, that brings an immense sense of relief. No need to worry about change, or finding new restaurants, or looking for new things to do, because your routine has you covered.

  1. You like having a narrow, very focused view of the world

    Does all that horizon-gazing leave you feeling overwhelmed? Endless possibilities make your head spin? Long-distance moving just isn’t for you. If your current city feels like it has all the horizons you need and you enjoy living in the comfort of city limits, then leave those new cities be. You’re better off right where you are!

  1. New people make you grumpy

    If you’ve ever been heard uttering the phrase, “Why meet new people when I’m fine with the ones I know?” then moving to a new city isn’t the best idea. New cities mean endless new people for the meeting, by necessity, and a whole new social scene. Building new networks takes time and energy, and getting to know a new group of friends might push you outside your comfort zone (see our blog post on this one). Skip the move and stay home.

  1. You enjoy carrying around your old life story and baggage

    Who needs a “fresh start” anyway? Just like making a whole new bunch of friends, it sounds like a lot of work. New job, new house, new identity — that’s so much newness when what you’ve got going on is working out OK at the moment! For you, giving your house a good cleaning is enough of a “clean slate”. There’s no need to pick it all up and move!

  1. Adventure? Sounds more like a headache

    Relocating to a new city inevitably means some travel, whether a long distance move across the country or even a plane ride to a far-off destination. Some people would call that adventure, but some would call it a hassle — choosing a few new outfits for your luggage! Finding interesting places to stay along the drive! Maybe even dealing with people who speak other languages than your native tongue, and entirely new cultures! If it all sounds like more hassle than it’s worth, then you’ve got your decision right there.

  1. Ch-ch-ch-changes

    Change is hard — there have been countless songs written about it for that very reason. Why pick up and start over when you already know your current home’s quirks and eccentricities? You know where to buy those cookies you like, you know that you can’t get a good burger anywhere except that one spot on the corner, and you’ve accepted that the good musical acts only come through on random weekday nights. You know what you’re dealing with, so why shift it up?


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