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Move Them or Sell Them – What to Do with Appliances

What to do with appliances when moving

When you bought that new refrigerator that fit your kitchen’s decor perfectly, you didn’t consider that you might have to leave it behind someday soon. Or do you have to? When you’re preparing to sell your house, you need to decide whether to move appliances or sell them — either separate from or included with the house. Here are some of the factors to consider, and the pros and cons of each option.

Take inventory of the appliances you have

Laundry machines, unmounted microwaves, wine chillers, and other smaller appliances tend to blend into the house after a while. So what appliances do you have? Which ones do you use regularly, and are they in good shape? How attached do you feel to each item? This step may help you quickly make decisions one way or another. Keep in mind that this doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor; you can take some appliances and sell the others! 

Note: Dishwashers, heating/cooling systems, and the stove/oven are almost always included with a home when sold, so you don’t need to worry about making a decision there. 

Pros and Cons: Sell your appliances

Whether you decide to sell them with the house or at a yard sale, here are a few factors to weigh while determining what to do with appliances when moving:


  • Selling them before your move could save you a significant amount on your moving expenses since appliances are large and often tricky to move.
  • If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your appliances, this is the perfect opportunity to make a little money by selling them and invest for your new home.
  • If the appliances are custom fit to the home you are selling, or aspects of the home have been built to fit a unique item, they may, in fact, increase the sale value of the home if your buyers are interested in keeping them.
  • Selling appliances can be easy via special apps for selling belongings.


  • Purchasing new appliances, especially large items like washing machines, can be a costly endeavor that adds to the already-high price of moving. 
  • Shopping for appliances once you’ve arrived in your new home can feel overwhelming and be time-consuming, not to mention it probably isn’t the first thing you want to do when you have an entirely new city to explore. 
  • If the buyer doesn’t want your appliances to be included in the home price or isn’t willing to increase their offer, then you’re stuck removing the appliances and selling them some other way. This takes more time and energy on your part.

Pros and Cons: Move your appliances 

Asking your movers to pack up and ship your appliances could be a viable option, so here are some things to consider when weighing this choice.


  • You’ve already gone through the process of choosing and purchasing the appliance once, so taking it with you will ensure that all you need to do is install it when you arrive. This is especially true if the item is specialized or custom in any way.
  • If the seller isn’t leaving their appliances behind at your new home, you’ll avoid needing to live without those major appliances for a time if you just bring them along. Let’s be honest: a microwave, toaster oven, or other such item is pretty crucial in those first few weeks of setting in.
  • If there is sentimental value or a story to your appliances — like the time the kids drew pictures in permanent marker — they’ll help you to feel right at home in your new space. Bring them along!


  • If you really love your oven or fridge and choose to bring it with you, you’ll likely need to replace it to sell your home — and your buyers probably won’t be thrilled if you replace it with something low-end. 
  • Shipping appliances across the country is just downright expensive, so you may not save much money in the long run. They take up a lot of space and are difficult to maneuver out of the house, which increases the total cost of your move.
  • Fitting your existing appliances into a new home may require some home renovation right off the bat. Refrigerators, ovens, even washing machines, and dryers are all uniquely sized and won’t necessarily be a straightforward fit in your new home.

If you’re still wondering whether to sell appliances or move them, ask your professional movers what the difference would be in your quote. This can give you a price-based starting point for your decision-making process!

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