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Kitchen Appliances You Can Live Without

Kitchen Appliance You Can Live Without

Gizmos and gadgets are in vast abundance these days if you’re looking to outfit your new kitchen. It seems like there is an appliance for just about everything, whether it’s actually helpful or not. So how do you decide which items will be the next best thing, and which will just take up counter space? We’ve outlined the appliances that just aren’t really that necessary. Have a look.

Electric Can Opener

Is opening a can really that hard? This gadget takes up physical space, needs to occupy an outlet, and can’t actually handle those bigger cans of tomato sauce anyway. Do yourself a favor a stick with a high-quality, hand crank can opener that can get tucked away in a drawer.

Popcorn Machine

Yes, you will need to pay attention to your popcorn if you are preparing it using the stovetop method, but you’ll save yourself a significant amount of counter or cupboard space if you opt for the more old fashioned method. Or? Use the microwavable kind in a bag. Unless you choose to give up your microwave too…

Bread Maker

You already have a bread maker, remember? It’s called an oven. Unless you bake a ton of bread, most people end up letting their bread maker collect dust save for those rare occasions that they want to impress someone with the smell of freshly baking bread. In those cases, it’s time to get your hands into some dough and make it the real way.

Stand Mixer 

What do you need to use this for, exactly? Nothing that couldn’t be accomplished by hand or by using your old school hand mixer. Unless you’re regularly whipping up a meringue, you can save yourself the counter space. Those things are heavy to move around, too.

Pasta Maker

Though you might get excited about making your own pasta for a while, it’s actually quite a process — even when you have a machine. If you don’t get the proportions quite right it turns out a chunky mess, so you’re better off buying a hand-crank pasta roller if you’re feeling particularly passionate about your linguine. At least you’ll know if the consistency isn’t right.

Single-Use Gadgets

The cherry pitter, the lemon squeezer, the garlic press — after a while all of these small, single-use items make for a cluttered kitchen. If you have a cooking project that suggests using one of these items (and those gourmet cookbooks often do), do a little research first to find out if you can accomplish the same results using the more common kitchen tools you already have. A good set of sharp knives and some attention to detail can really work wonders.

Going through your kitchen and packing your small appliances for an upcoming move? What a great time to sell or donate all of those fun-but-unused gadgets that have been collecting dust for a little too long. Then, let us help you get a guaranteed moving quote and make your move a whole lot easier.

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