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What Movers Say vs. What Movers Mean

What movers say

Making sure that you and your movers are speaking the same language is very important. You already know that there is a lot of moving terminology to get familiar with. However, what you may not realize is that in addition to this, movers tend to use their own lingo that you very well may interpret to have a very different meaning. It is hard to say whether they do this simply because they have been in the business a while and it is second nature, or if they are purposely trying to increase your bill without you realizing it. Even with top recommended moving companies, it is a good idea to know that what movers say and what they mean can be very different.


“We Can Give You an Estimate of Your Move.”

What this means is “I can guess at a price based on how many rooms you have and use the information you tell me, but plan on it being more.” Estimates are non-binding, and there are usually hidden charges added on moving day. Since there is no way of knowing exactly how much stuff you have or what the weight is simply by communicating online or the phone, they have the perfect excuse to charge more once they actually see what you have.


“We Have GPS in the Truck.”

You will often hear hourly rate movers say this, but what they mean is “We are going to use the GPS, but we will take the longest and slowest route to extend the time.” Always provide the movers with directions, and if possible, you may want to even follow along to make sure they do not spend 20 minutes sitting in the drive-thru on your dime. Of course, if you get a guaranteed quote, it does not matter how long it takes because you won’t be paying a penny more.


“You Don’t Have to Move Your Car. We Can Park Down the Road.”

You can interpret this as “We are happy your car is parked there because now we can park far enough away to charge you a long carry fee.” In addition to the long carry fee, the move will take longer, so if you are paying by the hour, you will see a huge increase in your bill.


“We Have Other Moves this Weekend. However, We Can Squeeze You In.”

This means “We would rather book you for the weekend when we can charge more than offering an alternate weekday when you can get a better deal.” Make sure you know what the peak days, weeks, and months are.


“Sure We Can Stop at Your Friend’s House and Drop off that Sofa for You.”

You may not realize that there is a charge for extra stops. So, while you think they are being generous, they are actually saying “We are happy to stop and add another fee to your bill.”


“We Are Going to Wrap Your Television for You.”

Again, do not assume they are being generous. In their mind, they are saying, “We can wrap absolutely everything and charge a fee for each item.” This doesn’t only apply to televisions though. Whether they use bubble wrap for breakables or if they wrap items in blankets to reduce the risk of scratching your bill is going up with every supply used. Again, it is also extending the length of your move.


“We Can Put that Item Back Together for You.”

Unless you absolutely need to, you do not really want to have your movers putting your furnishings back together. These services cost money. Just because he offers to hook your surround sound up does not mean you should let him. Read between the lines and realize that he is saying “What else can I put together and charge you for?”



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