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Signs You Should NOT Move

Should NOT Move

Just because you have an itch to move so you can start fresh does not mean that you necessarily should. It is common to feel as though you need a change of scenery from time-to-time, but you shouldn’t act on that nagging urge without a little consideration. Sometimes, it is smarter to stay right where you are. This does not mean you have to stay there permanently. When circumstances change in the future and some of the following signs are no longer present then it might be the perfect time for you to start packing your boxes.


Lack of Job Security

Unless you own your own business, you can pretty much always be laid off, fired, or replaced. However, sometimes you know when you have a good amount of job security and other times you have that feeling in your gut that maybe you should keep an eye on the classifies for something else to come up.

For example, if there have been recent layoffs or a company merger, then house shopping or spending many on a down payment for a new apartment is probably not a great idea. Wait a few months and make sure you are not next on the list to go.

You may also want to hold off moving if there has been a change in management or if a consultant has been brought in as well. Have there been secret meetings and people snooping around you don’t recognize? There is always the possibility that the business is up for sale.


Family Issues

If you think that moving to a larger or more exciting home will fix problems in your relationships, think again. If your teenager is hanging out with the wrong crowd and you think transferring schools during their senior year will be a positive change, you will probably be in for quite a surprise. Problems do not go away because you move. If there are problems in your relationship they will not disappear because you have more closet space. Not to mention, moving is stressful and could very well push someone to their breaking point.

Family issues can also include a loved one who is sick or having problems in their own relationship. You never know when you are going to have to offer a spare room or a loan to someone to help out.



Do you have a solid understanding of what is going on in the world. Many people do not keep up on national or international news because they feel it does not affect them. However, various types of disaster could affect you in an indirect way. Maybe you do not live where there is drought or where Mother Nature has released her fury, but if major crops have been damaged and the price of groceries go way up, it will put a dent in your budget. If gas prices rise again because of something going on in the world will you be able to afford to make that long commute from that country house you have your eye on? National disaster and events taking place in the world really should factor into your moving decision.



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