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How to Plan a Move in Less than One Week

How to plan a move

Under normal circumstances, moving can be stressful. If you are under severe time constraints, it can be mentally and physically exhausting! However, all is not lost if you follow our moving tips that are designed to ease your moving pain and get the job done in less than a week.


Research your options

Hopefully, you already have found a new place to live. If not, get busy online and on the phone. Luckily, the Internet has made it easier to find information and view pictures of homes and apartments even in remote locations. Get measurements of rooms and windows so that you will know which of your belongings will work in your new space. Just be sure that you put in a contingency in case it is not all that you expected upon arrival.


Sort and purge before packing

Don’t even think about packing everything until you sort things out and get rid of what you no longer need. China cabinet that won’t fit in your new place? Give it to a family member or donate it to a charity organization. Clothes that no longer fit? Donate them to a local shelter. The point is, there is no reason to pack and unpack items that do not fit your lifestyle. Use this time to lighten your load and lower your moving costs.


Keep detailed records

Make an inventory list of everything that you are moving, and where it will be going to make sure nothing gets lost or left behind. Be sure to add extra insurance if needed to cover expensive electronics, furniture or jewelry.

Visit your children’s school to have their records transferred to their new school, and organize the existing records that you have.

Medical records will need to be forwarded to new providers if you are moving any distance; you might want to request referrals to new professionals as well. This is especially important if you see any specialists.

Clean out your safe-deposit box and make arrangements to close out your accounts and move them to a new bank if needed.

Be sure to change your address with the post office so that your mail will start coming to your new home right away. Also notify banks, credit card and loan companies, your employer and utility companies. Take final meter readings and notify the utility company as well.


On your mark, get set…

Pick up your supplies as soon as you can– you’ll need boxes or plastic totes, tape and permanent markers at a minimum. Also consider special items that might need extra care and some bubble wrap!

Use up what you can in your refrigerator and freezer so that you have less perishable stuff to move.

Pack up things you don’t use daily, like sports equipment and random kitchen appliances, right away. Save the coffee pot and utensils for moving day– but remember to keep a box handy for them.

Get your general packing done a day or two ahead of moving day, and pack a suitcase with clothes and toiletries that you will need in the first few days after your move.

Label every container with what’s inside and where it belongs in the new house. Things that you need right away should be labeled “essentials” or “unpack first” so that you can easily track them down.

Chances are to pull off this speedy move; you are going to need some experienced and professional help! Check out our website to compare movers, get lots of additional tips and review Unpakt’s handy box guide to help you decide how many boxes you need.



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