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When to Use a Luxury Moving Company

Luxury Moving Company

Even those with six-figure salaries do not relish the idea of overspending on movers. It seems as though it does not matter how small or large your budget is to work with, it is often stretched to an uncomfortable limit during a move. In some cases, an affordable quote from a trusted and reliable moving company is the way to go. However, there are other times when splurging on a luxury company will be money well spent.

Fine Art and Antiques

A traditional company will be “careful” with your art and antiques, but a luxury moving company will offer custom crating and packing, and truly understand and appreciate the value of irreplaceable pieces. They know that a “one-size-fits-all” packing approaching does not work with these items. Trained transit experts will offer one-of-a-kind crating procedures to ensure a safe transport, regardless if they are dealing with robust marble sculptures, renowned paintings, or age-old documents. You will likely find that the staff undergoes routine training to stay current on care and inventory techniques.

Wine Collections

The average mover has no idea how delicate a wine collection is. Obviously, if you are just moving a handful of bottles you may be able to handle them yourself, depending on the temperature and distance of the move. However, if you have a full collection then you likely are dealing with varied temperatures. Aged selections should not undergo excessive shaking, and need to remain at a consistent temperature. This is a service a luxury company will offer.

High Rise

Moving into the third floor of an apartment complex is a lot different than moving into a residential high-rise building. You want movers who can handle this job with class while ensuring everything is transported safely. They will also pay close attention to hallways and walls, and understand that scratches and marks will definitely be frowned upon in such an environment.

Grandfather Clocks and Instruments

If you have a guitar, saxophone, flute, or something similar you will likely transport it in your car. If you have a piano, organ, or collection of instruments, you definitely want luxury movers to handle them. Not only can some of these items be incredibly heavy, they can have thousands of moving components that can be easily ruined. For this reason, grandfather clocks fall in this category, too. Luxury movers will know that you cannot move a grandfather clock without securing the pendulum and other parts. Whether these items are heirlooms or not, you want professional movers who are trained in this area.

Full Service

If you want to know what it feels like to have a luxury move where you are catered to, and do not have to lift a finger, you will want to consider a luxury moving services. They will pack and unpack with extra care. In many cases, each box is photographed and carefully noted. Your door frames, white carpet, etc., will be fully protected from damage.

These companies will typically offer an array of special services and professionals, as well, including carpenters, liaisons, handymen, locksmith, IT professionals, cleaning services, heavy items handling and hoisting, and even car services to transport you to your new home.

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