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Weather Advice for Newcomers in St. Paul, MN

weather advice for newcomers in St. Paul

You’ve heard that the weather in Saint Paul, MN, can be wild and unpredictable – and you wouldn’t be wrong. So how exactly are you supposed to be prepared? This Midwestern state is known particularly for its rugged winters, with an average temperature of around 10 degrees Fahrenheit and snowfall between 60 and 70 inches annually. That makes it the coldest metro area in the continental United States, so you’d better bring your warmest parka.

You’ll have to endure (or enjoy!) winter from October to April, and then spring comes in with a bit of hesitation – temperatures during springs months can range widely, so expect to wear shorts one day and wool sweaters the next. Summer months can see highs into the mid-80’s with lows in the 60’s, with July being the hottest month.

Now that you’ve got an idea of just how wild the weather can be, we’ve compiled some tips for newcomers to the area to help you be fully prepared for winter in Saint Paul. If you’re moving long distance and don’t really know what to expect, check it out.

Look out for the windchill

The winds in Minnesota can be intense for about 8 months out of the year, from the end of September through May. Average wind speeds during those months are around 11 mph, which can make a 220-degree day feel like 9 degrees. Windier days can drop the windchill even further, so don’t underestimate the weather in St. Paul even in the thermometer says it’s “not that bad”!

Be prepared for winter

Enjoying and staying safe in winter is all about being prepared. A good snow parka and snow tires for your car are two things that are well worth the investment since they’ll keep you warm and driving in the right direction! Here are a few ways to be prepared:

  • Invest in waterproof, warm boots with good traction, waterproof gloves or mittens, and a parka with a hood for the windy days.
  • Get your vehicle serviced before winter to make sure your battery is fully charged, your fluids are winter-approved, and your wipers are appropriate for winter precipitation. Snow tires are a must in colder, snowy climates where you’ll probably find yourself driving snowy or icy streets somewhat regularly. If you don’t do much highway driving, consider studded tires.
  • Prepare your home to be warm and cozy. Install storm windows or use plastic sheeting to cover drafty areas. If possible, identify any poorly insulated walls and have insulation sprayed in before the cold settles. Have your heating system serviced to be sure you’re not vulnerable to any midwinter catastrophes during one of those infamous St. Paul snow emergency closures!

Learn how to drive and where to park in the snow

Driving in the snow takes a certain kind of know-how. If it’s unfamiliar to you, get some advice from a seasoned driver about what to do and what not to do. Then? Download the free Saint Paul Winter Snow Parking Apple App or the Saint Paul Winter Snow Parking Android App so you’re always in the know about parking bans and can avoid getting towed.

Choose an outdoor hobby to get you through the long winters

Staying inside all the time is an option, but you’re bound to get stir-crazy. Take up snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, take a few laps on the WellsFargo ice rink or remind yourself that sledding is not just for kids. Although the skies are mostly cloudy in the winter, it’s important for your health – physical and mental – to get outside!

Be like the locals and check the weather a lot

Snowstorms can be predicted with some accuracy, so don’t get caught without food in the refrigerator or wood for the fireplace when the next big one hits. Make a habit of checking the weather and planning ahead for any forecasted winter weather.

Ready to brave the adventure of winter in Saint Paul, MN? Let Unpakt help you with comparing long distance movers to get you to your new home safely and within budget.

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