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Uncovering the Boise, Idaho River Greenbelt

Idaho River Greenbelt

If you are an exercise, nature or just all-around outdoor enthusiast then you are probably eager to rush your Boise movers out the door, so you can hit the trails. You may have even packed running gear in your overnight bag, so you could breathe in some fresh air and achieve a runner’s high before even unpacking. You will quickly discover why some people specifically move to this area just to take advantage of the Boise River Greenbelt every day.


About the Boise River Greenbelt

Locals will tell you that this is not just your average trail; it is a way of life around here! This recreational trail begins at Lucky Peak Dam and extends 22 miles along the banks of the beautiful Boise River. This tree-lined pathway trails through the city and several parks to provide scenic views and an abundance of wildlife. You can use this trail every day and never get bored.

Whether you enjoy walking, running, bicycling or rollerblading, you will get plenty of use of the trail. It is a great place to walk your dog too. Although it can get a little crowded on weekends, it is quite peaceful during the week. There are several places along the trail where you can rent bikes, and you can even rent a tube or raft at Berber Park and float down the river. There are shuttle busses that can take you back to your car. Along the trail you will notice that a Distance and Orientation Trail System has been implemented. There are more than 100 white dots along the trail, so you know where your position is at any given time. There are also plenty of poles where you can lock your bike, if you want to get off and walk, or enjoy one of the nearby attractions along the trail.


Points of Interest

There are a ton of points of interest along the trail, so if you are headed to the library or class at the university, you can skip the car and take the trail. Just a few of the any points of interest include:

  • Lucky Peak State Park – You can rent watercraft here, play volleyball, fish, swim or enjoy a picnic.
  • Boise City Main Library – If you don’t take the time to get a library card and check out a book from time-to-time, you are really missing out.
  • Joe’s Crab Shack Restaurant – Here is a place you can pop in for lunch in casual attire, and enjoy outdoor seating.
  • Barber Park – Over 100,000 people raft the river every summer from this starting point. Gray fox and beaver can be seen on occasion, but there is plenty of other wildlife to be spotted, especially early in the morning.
  • Quinn’s Pond – You can rent kayaks and canoes here for free. The pond is not huge, but it offers a nice break from peddling.
  • Julia Davis Park – There are several prominent sites in this park, including the Idaho Historical Museum, Idaho Black History Museum and Boise Art Museum. There is also a nice rose garden, a pedestrian bridge to get to Boise State University and a pond that offers paddleboat rentals.

Movers from one of the best moving companies are sure to be polite and helpful, just ask them how to get to the Boise River Greenbelt. Unless they just moved there themselves, they should be able to point you in the right direction and even tell you some preferred places to stop along the way. A few other points to interest include Ann Morison Park, Table Rock, Anne Frank Memorial, Shoreline Park, Veteran’s Memorial Park, Willow Lane Park, Merrill Park, Plantation Island and Kathryn Albertson Park.



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