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All About Temple Square in Salt Lake City

Temple Square in Salt Lake City

You probably don’t need your Salt Lake City movers to tell you that Temple Square is Utah’s most popular attraction. It does not matter where you are moving from; there is a very good chance that you have heard of this attraction. After all, considering tours here are offered in over 40 different languages, this should tell you that this place is a pretty big deal.


What is Temple Square?

Contrary to what many believe when they hear the name, Temple Square is not only one attraction. It is a massive complex found in the heart of Salt Lake City, and it also happens to be where The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is headquartered. Rest assured you do not need to be a religious person to enjoy what Temple Square has to offer though.

When Mormon pioneers arrived at this area in 1847, they decided to build their temple on a plot of desert ground. Due to the growth of the church over the years, the headquarters expanded outward to the surrounding area.

Today, Temple Square attracts nearly 5 million visitors every year! That is more than Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon!



  • Assembly Hall – A gorgeous Gothic-style building sits at the southwest corner. It is known for its display of stained glass.
  • Church History Museum – Admission is free, offering a historic full-size long home, Mormon Church timeline, interactive exhibits for children, a statue of Angel Moroni and much more.
  • Legacy Theater – Inside Joseph Smith Memorial Building is this striking 500-seat theater that offers films every 1.5 hours, Monday through Saturday, during business hours.
  • North Visitors’ Center – This building draws attention for its 11-foot statue and star-studded dome.
  • Other – Although the above-mentioned buildings are some of the main attractions, others include the Beehive House, Conference Center, Family Search Center, Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Church History Library, Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Tabernacle on Temple Square.



Even if you visit Temple Square on your own and browse around, at some point you will want to make the time for a tour. They are extremely educational, and will give you a new found appreciation for the area. There are individual, small, and large group tours available from 9 am to 9 pm daily and many are absolutely free.

One tour you absolutely must make time for is of the gardens. It takes approximately 1 hour, and you will view 250 flower beds with more than 165,000 plants. The gardens are redesigned twice a year by hundreds of volunteers, and well worth visiting over and over again.



If you ask your Salt Lake City movers to recommend a few good restaurants, there is a good chance that they will point you in the direction of Temple Square. The Garden Restaurant inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building has a retractable glass roof for an unforgettable dining experience while The Roof Restaurant offers extravagant food and inspiring views. For more casual dining, be sure to check out The Nauvoo Café and The Lion House Pantry.



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