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Party Like a Star – Popular Miami Nightlife Spots

Miami Nightlife

It is no big secret that Miami has long been known for its nightlife. Even many years ago, long before fantastic clubs popped up in abundance across the country, there were plenty to enjoy in this city. This was once one of the hottest vacation destinations, simply for the party. Well, although nearly every big city has its share of nightclubs, there is still just something amazingly electric about the ones here. Your Miami movers should be able to recommend a few hot spots for you, but below is a list that should keep you busy for a few weekends.



This venue is a “must” to visit! Be prepared to spend some serious cash though because if you think getting in the door is expensive, wait until you order a round of shots. Then again, if you want to party like a star, you should just use your credit card, and avoid looking at prices until the statement comes in the mail.

To say Liv is visually appealing would be an understatement. It is found at the Fountainbleu Hotel, featuring two floors, a massive dance floor and some of the most amazing DJs you will ever find.



Where better to party than outdoors? The Clevelander is a cool bar that is a ton of fun, and now that it has a rooftop bar that was added in its multi-million dollar renovation, it has seen a rebirth of popularity. Coincidently, it is open all day long too, so it is a great place to do a little pre-drinking before you go to one of the more expensive nightclubs.



“Sexy” is about the only word that really describes Mansion Nightclub. The club is modern with projected images of abstract art all over the walls that are complemented by fantastic lighting. Everywhere you look there are gorgeous girls hanging from ribbons that extend from the ceiling, dancing on balcony stages and climbing rope mesh barriers on the walls. The DJs are fantastic and the vibe is cool, but sometimes they do overdo it a little with the fog machine.



If you are beautiful, rich or combination of both, you will have no problem getting into Set. Otherwise, you might find yourself waiting in lines on more than one occasion that never move. The décor is upscale and drinks are pricey, but there is always a good time to be enjoyed here.



If you are looking for something to do on a Thursday night, this is the place to go to. Wall is rarely packed on the weekends, but if you prefer a more low-key crowd then you might enjoy yourself Friday and Saturday as well. This is a small bar with great décor and a surprisingly friendly staff, including the bouncers, which is hard to find in Miami. You can often spot an occasional celebrity here too!



Chances are good that your Miami movers have at least heard of Space, even if they have not been there themselves. The venue continuously wins awards and stays packed, which could have a little something to do with their 24-hour liquor license and surprisingly low prices. You can enjoy DJs that are as good as the ones at Liv, without breaking the bank. If you are looking for the after party, this is where everyone goes when the other clubs close.

Miami isn’t just about the nightlife. With all this gorgeous sunshine, who wants to be stuck inside? When you want alcohol and fresh air, check out any of the venues listed below that offer plenty of outdoor seating.

  • Blackbird Ordinary – If you are there before it gets busy, you can grab a bite to eat, play board games, or just relax because once the DJ or band gets started, this place fills up fast, and you will want to dance. Do yourself a favor and order the “Blackbird.” Their signature cocktail features sweet tea vodka, lemonade, and fresh blackberries. It is $10, but worth every penny.
  • The Stage – This place has it all; from great service to an inviting patio to a cool live music scene. There is plenty of street parking, and most of the seating is made up of comfy couches, offering a nice living room feel. This is where everyone goes on Tuesday for karaoke. Sure, karaoke can be annoying in some bars, but for some reason, it is always a good time here!
  • Skybar at Shore Club – It does not matter what time of day or night you come here, it will be busy and you will have a good time. There is a sparkling pool, which is where everyone hangs out during the day and plenty beach beds to relax on. At night, the bar offers an upscale atmosphere. Drinks are a little pricey, but there is more of a mature and professional crowd here too, so if you avoid bars because you don’t want to hang out with 21-year-olds, this place is for you.



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