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Salt Lake City Movers Advise on Places for Kids

Salt Lake City Places for Kids

If you ask your Salt Lake City movers about activities for kids, they will likely be able to tell you a long list of things to do and see, especially if they have a few of their own. Locals will tell you that this is by far one of the greatest cities in the country to raise a family for a long list of reasons. So, whether you have children now, or if you see them in your future, this is a location you should definitely consider relocating to.


Hogle Zoo

Nestled in the mouth of Emigration Canyon, this fantastic zoo dates all the way back to 1931. Tree-lined pathways weave in-and-out of 42 acres, giving you the opportunity to see more than 800 animals. From white rhinos to African elephants to five endangered Asian cat species, this zoo has it all.


Red Butte Garden

Salt Lake City offers plenty of opportunities for children to enjoy the fresh air and become more appreciative of nature; the falls near the top of the list. not only are there 4 miles of hiking trails to enjoy, there is also 11 themed gardens, seasonal family events, children’s activities and summer camps


Discover Gateway Children’s Museum

Finally, there is a museum where kids don’t need to be told to not touch anything! Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum offers hands-on experiences that kids are encouraged to take advantage of. Everything about this museum is created to inspire creativity, from the 30-foot beehive to the Media Zone to The Terrace where kids can practice rescue skills as a commando, paramedic or pilot.


FastKart Speedway

Indoor go-kart rentals are perfect for a rainy or cold day. Who says you have to stay cooped up indoors? Get behind a racing wheel or play video games or a game of pool. There’s a snack bar too!


Seven Peaks

This water park is the place to be in Salt Lake City all summer long. There is a wave pool, waterslides galore and a lazy river. Younger ones will enjoy Dinosaur Bar, a pool that’s full of play structures and lily pads.


Paintball Addicts

Not only is paintball a ton of fun, it also burns a lot of that bottled-up energy! Paintball Addicts is open all week long and offers a huge indoor playing environment that’s full of safe places to hide and obstacles. This is definitely a popular place if you are planning a birthday party.


Liberty Park and Tracy Aviary

This public park is a very special place. Here you will find paddle boat rentals, a water play area, amusement rides, playgrounds and tennis courts. The Chase Home Museum of Folk Arts is also found here, and there’s even an 8-acre aviary, which is only one of two in the United States.


The Living Planet Aquarium

There are four fantastic exhibits here to enjoy, including Discover Utah, Journey to South America, Ocean Explorer and Penguin Encounter. Here kids can marvel at more than 1,250 animals made up of 267 species.



If you don’t mind driving about 15 miles north of the city, your Salt Lake City movers should be able to give you directions to Lagoon. This large amusement park opened in 1896 and offers a harmonic blend of new and old elements. A new big ride gets added every year just to keep the park fresh and exciting. From big thrill rides to those created for the little kiddies, there is something here for the whole family to enjoy.



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