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Getting Discount Deals in Local Brick and Mortar Businesses

Getting Discount Deals

Across the board, we are all hoping to cut down on moving expenses so our funds can be spent on making a new home comfortable. We aren’t willing to skimp on important things like packing well or moving trucks, so here are a few simple tips and tricks that could save you some cash in the long run — without sacrificing anything!

  1. Keep an eye on Groupon in the months before your move

    You never know when a local business is going to be running a discount or deal on something that could be helpful for your move. Stock up on packing supplies, get your oil changed and tires rotated, find a discount on house cleaners, or even get deals at hotels and B&Bs along the way. Groupon is also a great way to check out new restaurants, find short-term memberships to new gyms, or try new things with the kids at a discount.

  1. Claim your packet of moving coupons from the Post Office

    Fill out your Change of Address form prior to your move and you’ll receive access to over $750 worth of printable coupons, says the USPS. That generally includes offers from handy places like hardware stores, home goods retailers, and other big stores that will help you take care of all of those little details that tend to sneak up on you and increase those hidden costs of moving.

  1. Do a search online for weekly coupons and deals

    Most large stores have some sort of weekly deals or coupon page on their website. Some will require downloading and printing of the coupon or email you an extra coupon for signing up for their mailing list. A little bit of due diligence and focused shopping can really help you cut down on moving expenses!

  1. Visit your new local Chamber of Commerce

    Many local Chamber offices will have a booklet of local business with offers and coupons to entice you to shop and dine locally. This is a great way to find your way into the community, meet new people, and try some new restaurants while you’re still putting the kitchen together. If you find yourself needing to stay in a hotel for a few days until your belongings arrive, this can also be a great way to find a bed and breakfast or other smaller, cozier place to stay.

  1. Get an AAA membership and save

    Membership is $55 a year, and if you’re moving long distance? That could certainly pay itself off in savings on hotels, restaurants in your new hometown, and even vehicle maintenance once you’ve arrived. What’s more, you can travel with your mind at ease that any roadside issues will be covered.

Utilize these saving tips so that you’ll have one less thing to worry about when booking your move with your local movers. Good luck with your move!


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