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The Wonders of Staten Island

Staten Island

Most people booking NYC movers are moving to Manhattan, Brooklyn or the Bronx. It must be hard to be Staten Island; always in the shadow of its more popular borough siblings. Then again, local residents are likely grateful that the streets are not constantly filled with an intense amount of foot traffic. If you are relocating to the area and you haven’t given Staten Island a thought, you may want to. It has some of the state’s best-kept secrets!

Snug Harbor Botanical Garden

Easily one of the most beautiful places in the entire state, the Snug Harbor Botanical Garden can be visited every day, and there is always something wonderful to enjoy. Founded in 1977, this 53-acre natural woodland boasts more than 20 specimen gardens and is a treat to walk through for people of all ages.

Admission to the park is absolutely free, but there is a small fee if you wish to visit the new Chinese Scholar’s Garden. This gorgeous new space is a replica of a garden out of the Ming Dynasty, and it is without a doubt one of the quietest, calming and most peaceful places you will find.

Blue Heron Park

It is pretty common to visit Blue Heron Park with the intention of staying for an hour, but you end up there the entire day. There is a nice walking trail with a boardwalk that takes you across part of the water, offering plenty of great photo opportunities.

The park is named for the gray-feathered predatory bird by the same name that can be seen throughout the park, especially by the water. Just look for yellow bills!

There is a visitor center with plenty of educational information, and observation decks with bird feeders are found all over, offering seats to enjoy the view.

Alice Austen House Museum and Garden

If you are looking to buy religious items or homemade crafts, you will find some unique items here. This gingerbread house once belonged to one of the most revered photographers in the country and you can view much of her collection here. It is suggested that she captured more than 8,000 images through the course of her life. There is plenty to see here.

St. George Theatre

This is one of the most breathtaking buildings you will even be in. This emporium opened in 1929, offering seating to 2,800 guests. Some of the highlights of the buildings include grand staircases, gilded balconies, velvet seats, a $25,000 Wurlitzer organ and one of the biggest cantilevered balconies built to date. This is truly a special place to enjoy a show.

Great Kills Park

If you ask your NYC movers where the beach is, you may get a peculiar look. Who associates the beach with New York? Well, if your movers just happen to be from Staten Island, they will point you in the direction of Great Kills Park. There are four beaches here to enjoy, including Cedar Grove, Fox, New Dorp and Oakwood. This is a beautiful place to watch the sunset, go for a jog, rollerblade or fly a kite. See, you really can enjoy a busy metropolis and a peaceful oasis all in one location!


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