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The Pros and Cons of Moving to a House with a Pool

house with a pool

If hot, sunny summers are right up your alley, you may have considered moving into a house with a pool. There’s nothing quite like lounging by your own cool waters with friends and family, serving up snacks and drinks and belly laughs… right?

There are, in fact, some pros and cons to owning a house with a pool. To make sure that none of them catch you off guard, we’ve compiled a list for your consideration. Have a look!

The Advantages of Having a Pool

  • Pools increase the aesthetic value of your yard. A well-maintained and landscaped pool can be a beautiful feature of your home’s landscaping, whether it stays behind a fence for only you to see or is visible to the street. Create cozy sitting areas, strategically place a few lounge chairs and add a sunshade and voila – your own tropical paradise.
  • Pools provide social and entertainment value for you and the whole family. If you’re a family member or friend who has a pool, you’ll likely have the opportunity to host plenty of social events. People – especially children – gravitate towards hanging out in or near the pool, giving you an instant way to keep your guests entertained!
  • Keep cool on hot days by taking a dip in your own yard. This could mean you save on electric bills by running your AC unit a little bit less, or you could just enjoy the chance to refresh after a sweaty run or walk.
  • Speaking of sweaty runs, you could skip them and use your pool for fitness! Water aerobics, swimming laps if your pool is longer, or other forms of exercise can turn your pool into a low-impact, sweat-free gym.
  • In hotter climates, swimming pools increase the resale value of your home. So even if you’re not particularly a pool person, you could consider it an investment in your future.

Disadvantages of Having a Pool

  • Pools require a fair amount of cleaning and maintenance to stay clean and pleasant. If you are a DIY kind of person, this means time and effort: keeping track of when to apply the appropriate chemicals, cleaning filters, and periodically draining the pool to scrub the sides of grime must be done. If you hire a company, this means an additional monthly expense and hired workers to manage. Buying a new house is already time-consuming and expensive as it is.
  • Insuring a home with a pool may cost more than your basic insurance, and constantly running the filtration system, lights, and in some cases, the water heater can drive up your utility bill quickly. The hidden costs of pool ownership can start to pile up quickly.
  • If you have children, moving to a house with a pool can also take a toll on your nervous system. Pools, especially below-ground designs, can be dangerous for young children and dangerously alluring for older ones. So before you go about hiring movers, make sure that you and your family are on the same page about what it means to have the pool in your yard!
  • Some buyers don’t want a pool, and that might turn them off if you’re trying to sell your home down the road. Your realtor can probably give you a sense of the home buying market to inform your decision, particularly if you’re buying with the intent to sell somewhere down the road.
  • Can’t wait to soak up the rays at your new home — poolside or not? Let us help you find moving services that are professional, affordable, and reliable!

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