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Moving Hack: Uses for Old Rags and Towels When Moving

Rags and Towels When Moving

Even professionals from the best moving companies have small accidents with boxes or leave a mess behind. Moving hack:  Old rags and towels can prove to be very useful, whether you are packing or cleaning. The last thing you want to do is fill a box that needs to be moved with items that really should be put to good use.


Packing Supplies

Before you spend one penny on bubble wrap, newspaper or plastic filled with air, you should evaluate what you already have laying around the house. Anything that you would typically wrap with paper or bubble wrap can be protected by rags instead. Even décor pieces that you might consider just placing in a box really should be wrapped. Rags can separate glass plates and bowls, and you can even wrap stemware with them.

If there is empty space in boxes, you can use rags and towels to fill them so contents inside are not getting shaken around; this is extremely important with electronics.



There is a lot of cleaning involved with moving, but there is no reason to waste a ton of paper towels. Rags and towels can be used for dusting everything before you pack, and then cleaning shelving, tables, entertainment center, etc., when you arrive in your new place.

Chances are good that you have a lot of cleaning to do before you move out, if you are hoping for your securing deposit back, so the rags will be put to good use wiping down everything from baseboards to mini blinds. They will be put to good use in your new place as well. Even if your new home “looks” clean, you should still wipe down cupboards, shelves, drawers and the fridge before using them for your belongings.


Line Trunk and Seats

If you are taking some boxes in your trunk, laying your clothes on the backseat and placing your plants on the floor of your car, you should line everything with towels. This will keep your clothes from getting dirty, and it will keep the boxes clean. While dirty boxes may not seem like a big deal, you won’t feel the same way when you set them on your light-colored carpet.


Wrap Easily Scratched Items

If you have mirrors, computer monitors, glass top tables or even decorative shelving that you don’t want to risk getting scratched, you can wrap old towels around and secure them in place with yarn or tape. Even a small knick can really ruin the appearance of an end table; this will provide a helpful layer of protection.



If you are moving while it is raining or snowing, or if the ground is wet or muddy, you will have a hard time keeping your floor cleaning both places. Even the movers from one of the best moving companies can’t step between the rain drops and keep from tracking dirt in the house. Create a walkway through the house with old towels. This will also be helpful to reduce falls on tiled or wood floors. Just keep a garbage bag handy, so as you are walking out the door of your old place, you can bag up the rags to take to your new place to wash; they still have plenty of life left in them!



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