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The Best Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs

Best Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs

If you’re moving locally within Colorado Springs, CO, chances are you already have a grasp of which neighborhood would suit you best. On the other hand, if you’re moving to Colorado Springs from a different city or state, you might not know which neighborhoods to consider.

So we’ve rounded up a list of the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, CO to help you out. Read on to find out which one sounds right for you.


Located in the center of the city, Briargate is one of the most appealing towns for young families. There are excellent schools just minutes away, shopping centers, a YMCA, and the homes are known for being large and affordable. Families with parents who work in the military are also attracted to Briargate due to its proximity to the Air Force Academy.

The Broadmoor

Located in the south of the city, The Broadmoor is one of the wealthiest and safest neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, known for both its historic and modern mansions. Most of the neighborhood’s residents are upper-middle class professionals with white collar jobs, and If you can afford the price tag of the homes, it’s a lovely place to live. You’ll also have plenty of activities to keep you busy; The Broadmoor is home of the prestigious Broadmoor Hotel and Resort, known for its golf course, tennis courts, spa, and more.


Located at the Northeast of the city, Marksheffel has been a rather underdeveloped neighborhood in Colorado Springs — until now. With a large infrastructure currently in place, including a community center, school, pool, and new houses, Marksheffel is a neighborhood that’s on the verge of a growth explosion. It’s a great opportunity for families who are looking to grow with their community. And a bonus — it’s close to the Colorado Springs Airport.

West Colorado Springs

One of the more sparsely populated neighborhoods in the city, West Colorado Springs is home to many private clubs, public lands, and retail and commercial properties. As a residential neighborhood, houses are more affordable than other areas, making it a great option for families who love being surrounded by natural beauty and, at the same time, close to Colorado College, UCCS, and downtown. These are important things to consider when moving to a new neighborhood.


Northgate is not only at the northern edge of the city, but it’s also near the Northgate of the United States Air Force Academy, from which the city derives its name. Northgate is part of a popular school district and is also home to Pikes Peak Community College. With great educational opportunities, proximity to the Air Force Academy, and thriving shopping centers, Northgate is a good neighborhood for families with kids of all ages.

Preparing For Your Move

If you’re planning on moving to Colorado Springs but haven’t yet decided which neighborhood to move to, setting up a P.O. Box is a good idea in order to make sure your mail gets delivered to your new hometown.

Other things you can do to prepare for your move are to visit any neighborhood that has potential (and avoid any bad neighborhoods in Colorado Springs), create a moving checklist, and research moving companies. While moving can be a stressful process, bear in mind that at the end of the tunnel, you’ll have one of these delightful Colorado Springs neighborhoods to look forward to.


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