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Manhattan’s Water Playgrounds

Manhattan’s Water Playgrounds

Have you ever watched a movie and saw kids dancing and playing in the water somewhere, and assumed that places like this only exist on film? Sure, you are aware of water parks, and there is always the beach, but small water playgrounds must be made just for the movies, right? After all, there is nothing like that where you live now. Well, if you ask movers in New York City where to go to get cooled off, there is a good chance that they will point you in the direction of a few of the following hot spots.


Ancient Playground

Despite its name, this playground is far from ancient. In fact, it had a $3 million restoration in 2009. It is by far one of the coolest playgrounds in the city with water, sand, slides, swings and more. Aside from the stream and surrounding sand to make sand castles, there is also an area with sprinklers to run through and plenty of seating for adults to relax and supervise.


Rockefeller Park

Although there are a lot of playgrounds in NYC that fall into a typical mold, this one is a little different. There are separate play structures for big kids and toddlers to reduce the risk of injury. Whimsical concrete elephant and hippo fountains allow for kids to run through and climb on them. Also, the dog heads spew water into over-sized troughs, and kids can play in them too.


Spiral Fountain

Although this is technically referred to as a fountain, it is more like a massive sprinkler. It is located in the Financial District and the best thing about it is that there is no basin to get filled with dirty water. It all drained, so you are just playing in a fountain on pavement.


Hudson River Park Pier 51 Water Park

There are a lot of pros and cons to this water playground. First, it is a favorite by kids for its stream, sandy area and a multitude of sprinklers. The only problem is that the park gets packed, and there is a very little shade to be shared. There is plenty of soak worthy fun to be enjoyed; just don’t forget the sunscreen.


Harmony Playground

Designers really went all out with this park to make sure that there was plenty of water fun available. There are misters, geysers, spraying animal sculptures and even a giant shower. Another main attraction of this park is the xylophone that kids can play on.


Chelsea Water Slide Park

There is water everywhere here! Water rushes over the play area; there are a wading spot and blue fountains shoot water straight up in the air.


Imagination Playground

The main attraction here is a bronze dragon fountain that does a great job of soaking kids that even get remotely close.


Madison Street Park

If you ask a mover in New York City where a water playground is that is a little less crowded, they will likely send you to Madison Street Park. Although this park does still get busy, the water features are plentiful, so you don’t have to fight through a mob to play or wait a long time for your turn to run through a sprinkler.



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