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How to Pack for Your First Move

How to Pack

Moving for the first time is exciting; after all, you are getting started in your own place! Unfortunately, packing so that you can find things when you arrive at your new home, is challenging, especially if you have never done it before. Luckily, getting organized early and following these moving tips can make your first move, and any that follow, easier and more hassle-free.


Start Early

If you have plenty of time before your move, begin packing early. The week you move will be less stressful, and you’ll have time to take care of the things that can’t be done early. You can do this by packing up areas or items that you use the least, like items in your closet you don’t wear often, the dishes in your china cabinet or all those books on your bookcase. This way, the majority of your living space remains as “normal” as possible. Commit yourself to packing a few boxes a day, and make sure to leave a few boxes for the items you will pack the day before like your everyday dishes and clothes.


Pare Down

Packing is the perfect reason to sort through your possessions and be brutally honest with yourself about what you can live without. It’s smart to keep a donation box or bag handy while packing so you can easily keep those items separate. After you’ve sorted through what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of you can decide if you want to sell the items of significant value to help fund your move or donate the items to people you know or to charity.


Gather Supplies

When you pack up your place, you’ll need a lot of packing supplies to make the move easy.  These items will make packing and organizing your stuff a breeze. You will need moving boxes (all different sizes), scissors, permanent markers, heavy packing tape, stickers and padding including; bubble wrap, packing peanuts and newspaper. If you’re unsure of how many boxes you’ll need, use Unpakt’s Box Guide to give you a better idea. Remember to always gather more supplies than you think you will need, especially since it’s your first time moving.



When you move there are a lot of items that will need to be packed. You can utilize towels, socks, and washcloths to pad fragile glassware and decorations. You can also wrap picture frames in pillowcases and put styrofoam plates in between dishes. Heavy-duty contractor trash bags can be used for blankets, comforters, pillows, and clothing; these bags can fill open spaces in a moving truck. Also, remember to pack heavy items like books in small boxes so they are easier to carry. When you are packing, make sure you label all boxes, bins, and bags with the contents and room it belongs in at your new place. This will make moving and unpacking less stressful.

Finally, be sure to pack what you will need first at your new home, last. This includes cleaning supplies, bedding, towels, toilet paper, toothbrushes, tools, medications, and a file with any important moving paperwork.



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