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Why Reno is the Perfect Little Town for You to Live with Your Family


When you think of Reno, Nevada, chances are that “family friendly” is not the first thing that comes to mind. Surprisingly? Amidst all the casinos, the Johnny Cash songs, and the vibrant nightlife, Reno has a lot to offer that makes it a perfect home for families. Though you probably won’t see many of these on the tourist pamphlets, here are some pretty good reasons you and your family might want to live in Reno, NV.

Solid Economic Growth

The casinos aren’t the only place to make a living in Reno. With a projected 50,000 jobs created between 2015 and 2020, as well as recently becoming the home for Tesla’s new factory, earning potential and job availability are on the rise. The median household income has grown by 10k per year since 2000, and home values have risen by over $100k. The current tech boom has also drawn a lot of people into this small city, including young families — so you’ll find a great community to support your kids.

Reno Values the Environment

Both in terms of environmental impact as well as access to outdoor recreation, Reno’s residents place a high value on awareness. Google expanded “Project Sunroof” to Reno, giving residents access to an online tool that helps them decide whether installing solar panels on their homes would be an effective way to reduce energy usage and costs. Reno is also surrounded by accessible wilderness, meaning you and your family can find trails, rivers, or rock faces to suit whatever your pursuit may be. You may also find yourself falling in love with some new sports since they’ll be right in your backyard. Truckee River runs right through town too, so you always have a chance to get outside and cool off during those hot summer days.

Access to All the University Has to Offer

The University of Nevada, Reno is the second-largest four year school in the state with around 18,000 students at both undergraduate and graduate levels. That means all of the opportunities of a large university are accessible to the community: art and theater, educational lectures, a massive library, collegiate sports, and the ability for older children (and their parents!) to access high-quality academics. For younger children, there are many top-ranked local schools available in the 112 schools that make up Washoe County District — from charter schools to traditional public schools to a variety of private schools, you can find top-notch education for your family.

There is Always a Festival to Attend

Are you into Hot Air Balloons? Visit the Great Balloon Race, which has been running for more than 30 years. If art is more your family’s style, Artown hosts an annual summer event with over 500 events from more than 100 presenters. The Reno River Festival celebrates the Truckee River, and a variety of jazz, Celtic, Greek, and just about every other theme you can imagine fill up the remaining time throughout the year. This not only means your family will be entertained, but you’ll have lots of opportunities to connect with the community.

The Casinos are Actually Pretty Isolated

Yes, there are casinos. But unless you seek them out for a restaurant or a show, which the locals will certainly do from time to time, the gambling industry is not really front and center to Reno’s culture. Even if you never step foot in the casino district, you’ll find quality eats in Reno’s restaurants, access to high-class musical acts at venues like The Button Factory, in The Freight House District, or at the 3rd Street Blues bar for starters. It also means you can find plenty of family activities in Reno without worrying about bringing the kids through the evening hubbub of the casino area. They don’t really need to see that yet, right?

Parks, Museums, and Activities Galore

If you’re wondering what you need to know before moving to Reno with your family, just know this: there are LOTS of opportunities to stay busy with the kids in all seasons. In the cooler months, take the kids to the Fleischmann Planetarium & Science Center to check out the free exhibits. Visit the Washoe County Library for the summer reading program or to peruse the available books at your own pace. In the hotter months, there are splash parks, public green spaces, outdoor community movie and concert nights at the University… If your family is looking for reasons to move to Reno, NV, we are pretty confident you’ll find plenty.

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