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New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make in Dallas


Whether you have recently moved to Dallas, or you have lived here a while, but have not had the chance to explore, it is time to make your list of things to do and see this year. Dallas is one of the most exciting cities in the country, but you can’t truly appreciate it until you visit the major attractions, as well as all of the hidden gems.

This list will get you started.


Trolley Tour

Free rides on the M-Line’s heated and air-conditioned trolleys can be enjoyed 365 days a year. There is a fare box, if you would like to make a small donation.


Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

This nationally acclaimed 66-acre garden is right on the shore of White Rock Lake, and offers gorgeous floral displays all year-round.


Texas Discovery Gardens

If you want to appreciate natural beauty without spending any money, entry is always free at this 7.5-acre garden. Plus, there is a butterfly house and insectarium.


Dallas Farmer’s Market

If you have not been to the Dallas Farmer’s Market yet you are really missing out. Unleash your inner foodie and enjoy plenty of free samples.


Deep Ellum

Grab your camera and hit the Deep Ellum area for a little mural and statue-gazing. The graffiti you will find here is unreal as many local graffiti artists have worked on numerous projects in the area.


Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park

Get your adrenaline fix at the only “Thrill Amusement Park” in the world. There are five extreme thrill rides, bungee jumping, and much more.


Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Dallas has a quite a few museums, but this is one you will just allow yourself to get lost in. It is fun but educational and excellent for folks of all ages.


Dallas World Aquarium

There is a huge variety of exhibits here from rainforests filled with colorful birds to aquariums filled with sharks, rays, and sea dragons.


Ice Skating

You don’t need bitter cold weather to feel like a kid again. You can go ice-skating whenever you want in the Galleria Mall.


Grassy Knol

If you actually paid attention in history class then you have heard of the grassy knoll. Do you know it is in Dallas near the John F. Kennedy Memorial?


Dallas Heritage Village

Enjoy a glimpse of the past at “The village” This 13-acre historical place shows you what life was like for Texans from 1840 to 1910.


Dallas Arts District

There are 68 acres of art here to enjoy. In fact, it is the largest urban arts district in the nation. There are plenty of performances and festivals here throughout the year.


Trinity River Forest

There is nothing quite like a hike through the Trinity River Forest. There are more than 50 species of birds living here, and there are plenty of hands-on exhibits for little ones in the Children’s Discovery Garden.


Lakewood Theater

In the charming neighborhood of Lakewood you find this cozy theater that oozes a delicious vintage vibe. Heavy curtains flank the stage while creaky seats are drenched in velvet. Make sure you check out a burlesque show!



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