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Best Beaches in Fort Lauderdale

Best Beaches in Fort Lauderdale

Regardless if you are moving to Fort Lauderdale solely to enjoy the ocean, or as a smart career move, you will want to know where all the best beaches are. Whether you want to lie under an umbrella and read a book, join in a game of volleyball, or find a secluded place to kayak, there is a beautiful beach here waiting for you. Below are some of the favorite ones that are appreciated for their own special reasons.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

With seven miles of beachfront, this ocean space has to be at the top of the list. You can rent snorkel gear, jet skis, paddle boards, etc., at numerous shops along the water. It is extremely safe here and only minutes away from restaurants, bars, and shops. In fact, the promenade is littered with places to buy everything from a swimsuit to a smoothie. Unlike shops and restaurants at other beaches, the prices are typically affordable here. The beach is super clean and the vibe is very cool, as you will see all age groups mingling. You can easily come here alone when you are new to the area and feel comfortable. You may even make a friend.

Deerfield Beach

If you are moving to Fort Lauderdale with your family, this is an excellent beach for you to take them to. This one is very family friendly, and there are always tons of other kids to play with. They can go swimming without worrying about wave runners zooming by or intoxicated partiers splashing. Frisbees and ball games are only allowed in designated areas, and skim boards and surfboards must be leashed and are permitted only north of the International Pier.


This beach is just outside the city in a charming beach community. A few hundred yards from shore is a coral reef, making these waters popular for snorkelers and divers. There is usually live music to be found on Friday nights and the ice cream shops here know how to make the biggest scoop around.

John U. Lloyd Beach State Park

When you need a quiet place away from crowds so you can relax after a long week at work you will want to head here. The underdeveloped beach area is perfect for fishing and body surfing. Also, you can rent kayaks, paddleboards, and rowboats to explore the mangroves and spy on the abundance of birds that call this park their home. You almost always are guaranteed at least one pelican sighting, which may be pretty cool to you if you are moving from somewhere that doesn’t have them.

Hollywood Beach

If you have a canine companion, he will absolutely love this beach. It is one of the best dog beaches in the state. You do not need a dog to come here, though. There is a nice boardwalk here that stretches about 2.5 miles, so you can walk, jog, or bike. You can rent bikes near the beach too. There are also several cafes you can walk up to and order beverages and sandwiches to enjoy in their outdoor seating area. You don’t even have to worry about the fact that you are wearing beachwear because nearly everyone else will be too.

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