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14 Reasons Why Moving to Tempe, AZ is a Great Choice

Moving to Tempe

With a location close to Phoenix and 330 days of sunshine every year, Tempe, Arizona is a great place to live! Tempe is a smaller city with a population of about 160,000, but close enough to a much bigger city to share its conveniences. What’s more, the average temperature all year is 85 degrees, making it ideal for those looking to escape the brutal winters of the north. Located in the shadow of Camelback Mountain, that beautiful mountain is visible from anywhere in town. Here, we present some more of our favorite reasons why moving to Tempe is a great choice!

  1. Annual Msic Festival

    Tempe hosts a growing annual music festival; it has hosted Kid Rock, My Chemical Romance and Puddle of Mud, among others, over the past few years.

  1. Casino Arizona

    There are over 900 machine games and gambling tables for your pleasure and maybe lots of luck!

  1. Lots of places to shop

    Shopping abounds in the Arizona Mills shopping mall, the Mill Avenue shopping district and the biggest IKEA store west of the Mississippi.

  1. Young and fun

    Tempe is a college town, home of Arizona State University, with all that entails– entertainment and buzzing nightlife for young adults.

  1. Excellent economy

    Tempe’s unemployment rate is really low; nearly two points less than the national average and the economy is good.

  1. Water parks galore!

    Tempe has two water parks, Big Surf Fun and Splash Playground, where you can cool off and relax– all year long.

  1. Sunshine and more sunshine!

    Tempe stays warm all year and gets hot in the summer time. Temperatures in July can be as high as 105 degrees during the day. During winter, temperatures can drop to 38 degrees for a low in December. With its desert climate, Tempe sees only about 9.3 inches of rain each year.

  1. The Fiesta Bowl

    Tempe is home to the annual college football bowl game, the Fiesta Bowl. As you can imagine, that game comes complete with lots of festivities.

  1. Lots of neighborhood to choose from

    Dozens of distinct neighborhoods exist within the city, but North Tempe is the densely populated college area, with South Tempe having more of an open feel and being very family friendly.

  1. It’s affordable

    Tempe is an affordable place to live. The cost of living is 3.3 percent lower than the national average, and 5 percent lower than the Arizona state average. The median home price is $130,000.

  1. Excellent public school

    Great public schools with a good student to teacher ratio and high ratings.

  1. Easy driving commute

    Transportation in Tempe is relatively easy; major freeways run through town with Loops 101 and 202, Interstate 10 and Route 60 being the paths most frequently traveled.

  1. Even easier public transportation

    Public transportation is offered in the form of light rail and buses that offer comprehensive travel means around town. There is even a free bus service for residents; the Orbit system runs five routes through town that costs nothing at all.

  1. Art and culture

    Tempe has cultural and art events regularly; you can also watch ballet or visit the planetarium at the Arizona State University.

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