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Moving to Omaha? Discover the City’s Best Kept Secrets

Moving to Omaha

Are you moving to Omaha Nebraska? You must be excited to live in the city that Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, calls home. For whatever reasons you have decided to move to this important financial hub of the Midwest, you will soon find that life will never be dull here because, like many great cities, it is full of pleasant surprises.

Here are five of the best-kept secrets of Omaha:


  1. American GI Forum Mexican Restaurant

    If you like Mexican cuisine, then there is no better place in Omaha than this little-known restaurant in the southern part of the city. Low-profile, unpretentious and homey, the American GI Forum Mexican Restaurant doesn’t have a website or a Facebook page. But the tacos, tortas, tamales, enchiladas and red chilis you will be served here are among the best you can find anywhere in the world.


  1. Sunset Valley Golf Club

    Are you an avid golfer? The Sunset Valley Golf Club, located conveniently in the middle of the city, is just the place to indulge your passion. This private membership club with federal tax-exempt status is one of the hidden treasures of the city. It has a 9-hole course, a clubhouse for events and corporate meetings, and restaurants with multiple bar options.


  1. The Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium

    You may not think much of an aquarium in an inland city far away from the sea until you see the Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium. Located at the Henry Doorly Zoo, often called the world’s best zoo, the aquarium is an uncanny replication of a Caribbean coral reef where you can view a spectacular display of exotic marine life that includes a wide variety of fishes, sea snakes, turtles, sponges, mollusks, crustaceans, and even penguins.


  1. New Gold Mountain Chinese Restaurant

    Do you love Chinese? The Chinese foods served in most Chinese restaurants in the USA are really American versions of Chinese food. But not so at the New Gold Mountain located in Ruggle Street. Whether you order delectable dim sums or barbecue pork buns that come in a bamboo steamer, this little restaurant serves Chinese food as they are served in mainland China. You will simply be mesmerized.


  1. Starsky’s Bar and Grill

    If you are looking for a great time after the day’s work is over, then head for Starsky’s Bar and Grill located on 13th Street. A part of the College World Series, South Omaha’s hottest party bar is the favorite haunt of locals as well as visitors for its great drink specials.

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