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Why Millennials are moving to Columbus, Ohio

Moving to Columbus

Many millennials are facing one of life’s biggest decisions- where to live. Choosing where to start your professional life is key to creating a successful career as well as a happy life, and it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. While New York City and Los Angeles have their natural appeal, many millennials are turning away from these major metropolises and looking in a fresh direction. Before you call the moving company– check out this Midwestern gem known as Columbus, Ohio.

  1. Jobs!

    The job market in Columbus is in the midst of a staggering growth spurt. Columbus ranked #14 in Glassdoor’s “25 Best Cities for Jobs”, a higher ranking than that of Atlanta, Chicago, and San Antonio. Many companies in Columbus have made the Fortune 500 list, including L Brands, Cardinal Health, and Nationwide Insurance. Retail giants Abercrombie and Express have also made Columbus their base of operations. And if corporate America isn’t your cup of tea, the city also has a vibrant start-up and technology scene quickly rising to prominence.

  1. Affordable Living

    Unlike other metropolitan areas with strong job markets, Columbus won’t leave you high and dry when it comes to housing. In fact, its real estate market is surprisingly affordable, with a median listing price of $130,000 and an average price of $87 per square foot. General cost of living in Columbus is very affordable, not only in comparison to wildly expensive cities like New York City and Los Angeles. According to Sperling’s Best Places, Columbus’s cost of living index is 84, in comparison to the national average of 100. Groceries, utilities, transportation and health costs are all cheaper in Columbus, making your salary stretch way further than in other cities.

  1. Foodies and Social Drinkers Unite!

    Columbus’s restaurant and bar scene are certainly buzzing, with a wide variety of eateries catering to every type of palette and an outstanding array of watering holes. From craft cocktails to craft beers, from divey neighborhood bars to elegant lounges, Columbus knows how to show its patrons a good time. Whether you’re strictly vegan, haphazardly vegetarian or simply gluten intolerant, you’re never very far from a great restaurant that will cater to your needs. It’s interesting to note that the build-your-own trend has really taken off here, with restaurants offering build-your-own sushi, Asian and Mediterranean meals. That’s Columbus for you- so crafty and creative.

  1. Never Get Bored Ever In Your Life Never

    There is so much to do in Columbus, you might find your weekly planner busier with recreational engagements than business ones. If you’re into music, you’ll be glad to know Columbus has concert venues of all types and sizes, and most major artists always stop by when touring nationally. Two major theaters and many smaller ones cater to theater and drama aficionados and there’s even a local comedy improv group. If you like to get some fresh air in your downtime, check out these outdoor activities in Columbus that are loads of fun. Soccer, football, baseball and hockey games are happening all the time and the parks are packed with back-kicking, ball-throwing millennials year round.

  1. Easy Access (even by foot!)

    Columbus is easy to get around, and not necessarily on wheels of your own. After years of expanding out into suburbia, Columbus’s current urban development strategy focuses on creating dense, walkable neighborhoods within the city. With the likes of Car2Go, CoGo Bike Share, and Uber, not to mention excellent public transport system COTA, there is little need to own a car of your own- which naturally means fewer expenditures on insurance, maintenance, gas, and parking.

See you in Columbus!


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