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Unpakt Verified Movers Program – Only Certified, Reputable Moving Companies

Unpakt Verified Movers Program

Introducing the Unpakt Verified Movers Program

So, you need to move and you want a reliable company to do the job, but how can you tell the good companies from the bad ones? Sure, you can ask around for recommendations, but moving isn’t something people do that often, so most of the answers will be out of date and misleading. How do you find the best? Can you trust their website? How long have they been in business?

Unpakt Verified Mover

Here at Unpakt, we screen movers before they can become part of the Unpakt Marketplace. Our team of super sleuths checks out all the paperwork for insurance and licensing. We even read moving companies websites and reviews of them in several locations to ensure that Unpakt Verified Movers meet the highest of standards.

When you choose an Unpakt Verified Mover you are choosing quality and simplicity. We do all the hard work checking out movers so you can be confident your move will run smoothly. We only choose movers who are prepared to offer binding prices too, which puts you in control of your moving costs.

All Unpakt Verified Movers have been in business for at least two years and we interview them as part of the verification process. We collect reviews of all our movers and, if for some reason they get more than a little bad feedback, we kick them out of the program. Our business is based on a great reputation and we won’t hesitate to remove the mover that doesn’t meet our high standards.

For movers

If you’re a moving company you know you’re good at your job. You have years of experience. You pride yourself on the level of customer service you offer and have the testimonials to back it up.

But customers can be wary of website testimonials. If they’re too good to be true they assume they’ve been edited for the best bits. How can you let your customers know you really are as good as it seems?

Unpakt Verified Mover status means you have our seal of approval. This lets you tell your customers what a great company you are. It shows that you’ve met our exacting standards and that your paperwork is in order. Customers can be confident that when you provide a binding estimate it is a binding price and there won’t be unexpected moving costs on moving day.

In an industry where anyone with a truck and a website can set themselves up in business, you need something to set yourself apart. Many customers will trust that your licenses and insurance are in order without wanting to check them, which means shady companies operating illegally damage the credibility of the whole industry. An Unpakt Verified Movers badge on your website is instantly recognizable to customers as a seal of quality and integrity. Making it more likely they’ll choose you for the job.

Being part of the Unpakt Marketplace allows potential customers to read and write reviews about you. Unpakt doesn’t tolerate bad feedback so customers can be confident that all those glowing testimonials they’re reading really are true because if they weren’t, your company wouldn’t be in the system.

Want to know more about the Unpakt Verified Mover Program, as a mover or someone who’s looking to move home? Simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through why our verified mover program is the only way to move forward.

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