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How to De-Stress on Move Day

de-stress on move day

Our daily stress level is often directly related to how much of our lives feel out of control. Moving a household is one of those life events in which many things literally aren’t within our control—Will the movers arrive on time? What will traffic and weather be like on move day? Did I pack everything? It’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed out when moving day arrives. But with some planning, organizing, and the following tips, you can de-stress your move day.

Create your plan and stick to it

Use an interactive moving checklist to keep track of tasks. Have your schedule, phone numbers, and color-coding packing system easily accessible. Not only will they provide all the information you’ll need on moving day, but it’s also a good reminder that you’re on top of things. You’ve planned and organized this move well and that’s quite an accomplishment! Avoid making last-minute adjustments on the fly, because alterations in your move-day plans at this point can throw off the schedule.

Check the weather report

You don’t want to be caught in a snowstorm or a hurricane on your way. Check the weather report to find an alternate route if there is a forecast of bad weather.

Take time-outs and do some relaxation exercises

At this point in a household move, most everyone in your family is tired, cranky and needs a break. Take turns taking timeouts by sitting down, grabbing a bottle of water, and putting your feet up. Stay hydrated with fluids, but avoid drinking sodas with excess sugar and caffeine. Relaxation techniques help keep stress at bay.

Deep breathing reduces your blood pressure and calms you. Close your eyes. Breathe in through your mouth and expand your lungs and stomach with air. Hold your breath for 10 seconds. Exhale slowly through your nose. Repeat 8 to 10 times while sitting quietly. Whether you will be traveling a long distance or a relatively short distance, it is important to be comfortable. Make sure that everyone is dressed comfortably and according to the weather.

Eat Before Leaving

It is important to eat the day of your move, you’ll be doing a lot of activity and it is crucial to stay focused. Also, make sure that the children eat enough food, so they aren’t hungry and get cranky (it happens to the best of us). If you are moving in the morning, make sure that you make time to eat breakfast, and no coffee does not count. If you are moving in the afternoon, make sure that you order lunch and drink lots of water.

Enlist the troops and delegate

When you’re moving, there are usually two types of family and friends—those who say they’d love to help and mean it and those who plan a vacation on your move date. But seriously, take the former up on their offer to help. Plan ahead to assign tasks on moving day. Someone could pick up bagels for breakfast. Put someone in charge of checking your packed boxes against your master move inventory checklist.

If letting go of control is difficult for you, this is good practice. Don’t imagine the worst if someone else takes over a move-day assignment. With less to manage and more help, the process should go smoothly.

Laugh a lot and practice patience

Laughing is a natural stress-reducer and it causes you to take deeper breaths. It’s perfectly acceptable on moving day to make fun of your spouse when he gets more moving tape on his shirt than on the boxes. Keep the mood as light as possible and be patient with young children if they mess up or get anxious about the move. Stay focused on the big picture. You’re moving to your wonderful new home and new adventures are in store!

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