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How Much Should You Pay Movers Per Hour In 2021?

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No matter how many practicalities are on your to-do list, one thing is likely at the front of your mind: being in your new home. For all of the dry details that need to be addressed, the excitement of a fresh start makes it all worth it. While you’re preparing, you’re likely estimating all of the costs. Is there enough left over for that soft you have your eye on?

While you’re taking a tally of your moving costs, start with the cost of hiring a moving company. Movers will provide a quote based on the number of movers and the amount of time it takes. How much should you pay movers per hour in 2021? That depends on a few key factors.

The Size of Your Home

This is one of the first things asked by a moving company, and there’s a reason for that. The size of your home is the main factor when determining an estimate for the cost of your move. How many rooms you have will affect how much stuff you likely have come with you. Since companies charge based on the number of movers and the amount of time it takes to move (not to mention, the size of the truck), the size of your home will affect the cost of moving.

How Far You’re Going

Distance is an important factor in estimating the cost of your move. When it comes to relocating out of state or across the country, mileage is important. Long-distance moving companies often calculate the cost of your move based, partly, on the miles you’re traveling.

Not just limited to those switching area codes, distances for local moves will also affect the cost of moving. Local moving companies often provide an hourly rate estimate for your moving quote. This is largely based on how far they need to travel to get you from your current home to your new one.

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Any Extra Help

Moving to a new home requires a lot of work. Moving companies know this, and offer extra services to take some of the burdens off your shoulders. Full-service movers will help you at virtually every juncture: they’ll pack your things, move them from place to place, unpack them, and even remove the packing supplies. Of course, you’ll pay your movers per hour for these services… but they’re well worth it.

When You Move

Planning to move to a new home during those long summer days? It will cost you a bit more. That’s because others have the same idea you do, so movers are more in demand. The time of the month you choose to move will also have an impact – it’s generally cheaper in the second half of the month. Moving on weekdays will save you money over moving on weekends. If you can help it, try to avoid moving on or around holidays or you might incur extra charges.

If you have the option, try to plan your move outside of the times with high demand and you’ll affect how much you pay your mover per hour.

How much you pay your mover per hour in 2021 depends on when, where, and how much you’re bringing with you. With Unpakt’s easy online tool, get a quote from affordable movers, and then treat yourself to that new couch!

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